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ON WHOSAY SINCE: Dec 4, 2012


Malikai whose full name is Malikai Amir is a Rapper,Actor,Activist from Los Angeles,CA whose origin also include Bronx,NY and Atlanta,GA .Malikai is also known as being The biggest unsigned artist who gained tremendous success without Internet exposure first. Malikai is also involved with many community organizations and has created many organizations himself . As a Person who grew up in Poverty; homeless MALIKAI's music is a primary reflection of his struggle and the struggle that many youth have to face. Malikai is also a rising star In film With two lead role films in the works. Malikai's Activist work is also second to none for a rapper or any entertainer his age having started his own organization at age 13 . Malikai has done speeches at many protest on the subjects of Police brutality to Egalitarianism to subjects facing the Black Community and the disenfranchised world as well as many subjects on Hip Hop .
Malikai has a tremendously Large Fan base as a result of his Hard work into earning each fan. "I want to EARN everything i gain" - Malikai

Malikai also has a Documentary on his Life in the works entitled Malikai: Trials of a Youngsta

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