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ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jul 27, 2012
HOMETOWN: Dallas Texas


Major Williams, a Dallas, Texas native is a hip hop recording artist who first began his musical career at a local friend house, as a pastime hobby; a hobby that would spiral into something far beyond the expectations of anyone bearing witness to what was yet to come. With a tireless work ethic, Major practiced his skills day and night until he finally begin to gain recognition from his critics and peers alike; but it was one friend in particular, former high school classmate, Deidra Dixon, that would prove to be the most pivotal in Major's budding career. Overly impressed with what she heard, Dixon expressed her excitement to her brother, who just happened to be Academy Award winning actor & Grammy winning artist, Jamie Foxx, who in turn liked the music so much that he invited Major out to his home for a visit, thus prompting Major's decision to permanently relocate to Los Angeles, which also sparked the beginning of a newfound friendship.

But as fate would have it, after dodging the pitfalls he faced daily back home in the unforgiving streets of Dallas, Major would once again find himself in a similar situation when his music career begin to go belly up, leaving him with nowhere to turn. Following a slew of start and stop opportunities that included everything from modeling, acting, even fashion ventures, Major was forced to come to grips with reality and make a life altering choice; either give it up, or give it one last try.

Having actively sought his own independence for nearly a decade with modest results, Major's prayers were finally answered when fate found itself once again intervening in the form of a familiar face; Jamie Foxx, who after enjoying years of success was ready to focus his energy elsewhere. Taking him into his fold like a lil brother, over the next year, Major's life would take drastic leaps and bounds as Foxx mentored, prepped and shaped him for super stardom, which almost immediately started to pay off as Major found himself recording some of the most awe inspiring, heartfelt, energy fueled music of his career.

Tried and battle tested, Major resurfaced with his call and response catchy single "Leggo", which would go on to not only catapult him into a new wave of notoriety, but also prove to be the confirmation he needed to never look back. Rapidly gaining buzz throughout the hip hop community as a force to be reckoned with, Major humbly accepted his challenge, fully aware of the long road that still lies ahead of him, especially since understanding now more than ever that there's only one direction left for him to go based on where he currently stands; and that's forward.

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