ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jul 2, 2011

@BestFriendsAnimalSociety is hosting Super Adoption weekends in Los Angeles, Salt Lake Ci…


This is the peace @AnimalsAsia has worked so tirelessly to provide for their rescued Moon Bears. Blown away by your dedication.


6 years ago Maggie the bear was rescued from a smuggler. With her mother gone @AnimalsAsia stepped in and gave her a home and a chance here in Vietnam. I was honored to bond with this 'almost' victim of the unspeakably cruel bear bile trade. Today, I will reunite with the now grown bear- who has been so close to my heart for many years... I can't wait.


Day one with @WildAid in Vietnam. Education and information CAN make a difference in the illegal wildlife trade. #stopthetrade


#Insurgent is #1! So exciting!! Thank you SO much you guys @Divergent fans!


Catching up with mommys talk show appearances with @goddessofskin How lucky can I be that THE GREATEST FACIALIST IN THE WORLD also cares for my son?

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