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ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jun 28, 2013


Introducing Luke Campbell, the Team GB boxing gold medalist champion of 2012 Olympic and TV star.
The 25 year old is now Britain’s most decorated boxer. Back in 2008 he became the first British fighter to win the European Championships in 47 years, then went on to win silver in the World Championships in 2011 and gold in the 2012 Olympics. The Boxer turned TV star went on to become one of the most popular contestants on Dancing On Ice during his stint on the show, making it to the finals.

Fresh out of the show, Luke announced that he would be leaving the amateur sport to turn pro. His first fight takes place in his home town of Hull 13th July 2013. Luke is a talented and exciting sportsman, with an undeniable charm and charisma, on the cusp of filling the vacant boots of Calzaghe and Hatton.

Etched in to Olympic history, Luke is embarking on an awesome career in and out of the ring. contact:

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