ON WHOSAY SINCE: Dec 1, 2011

Totally went gaga over the always stylish @MichaelUrie at #openingnight @CTGLA's #PorgyAndBess. #Funfact, this is the first play he ever went to as a kid!!


Caught up with this beauty, @ImAngelaBassett, last night @CTGLA's #openingnight of #PorgyAndBess! Her reason for coming was pure magic, "with #theatre, you have to be there to remember. It's thrilling because every night is different. It's different from #film, which captures it one way forever." And of course for my fellow #AHS fans, she gave me some #exclusive scoop: "@MRPMurphy made it very clear that there is distinction between Carnival, Circus & Freak Show. It's a fine line but the line is there. So it isn't going to be what people expect!" Hearing this, made her that much more curious of what he had in store for her: "When I found out what #AmericanHorrorStory was doing next, I asked #RyanMurphy, 'am I going to be the bearded lady?' He would explain some more about the overall show and I just kept asking, 'so am I going to be the bearded lady or not?'" She finally got her answer, but we'll need to #staytune to find out! #moresocal


THIS view #fromwhereIsit as #curtaincall for @CTGLA's #PorgyAndBess draws near!! You can feel the buzz in the air.


In the midst of my #WeRunDC training, it was a welcomed surprise to be invited to #openingnight of @CTGLA's #PorgyAndBess. After seeing it with the original cast on #Broadway, I'm looking forward to seeing what this #cast does. Tonight's #ootn a vintage #lbd, my fave #pink @justfabonline clutch & @SoCalFootDoc's #34Minute heels!


#ThoughtOfTheDay "Remember, things MAY come to those who wait; but only what was left behind by those who #HUSTLE! TODAY is a perfect day to step it up!" Xo


Happy #EarthDay! Have you joined the @litterati movement yet? Fun way for us each to MAKE A DIFFERENCE! The steps are easy: 1. Find a piece of litter 2. Photograph it & post to Instagram with the “#litterati” hashtag 3. Throw out, recycle or compost the litter!!! That's it! Easy, peasy! #ByeLitter "Your photo is then added to the digital landfill of cleaned-up garbage. To date, more than 40,000 pieces of garbage have been picked up across 45 countries." Visit litterati.org for more info. Xo