ON WHOSAY SINCE: Dec 2, 2011

Representing #PowerLatinas everywhere #Colombia's @paulinavegadiep has taken the #MissUniverse crown! Felicidades!!


Part of my #welcomehome committee is a bit lazy today. But with this face, how can I be mad. ??????


#ThoughtOfTheDay - "you can shake the sand from your shoes, but it will never leave your soul." Thank you #Miami for my latest #bumblebeeadventures. They were full of blessings, lessons and priceless encounters. I've realized, life's a beach and I'm just a girl playing in the sand. ?? Xoxo, L // #LizzaOnTheGo #SundayFunday


Eek! #LoveBugNation, finding my girl @hellokitty outside of @wallmiami was everything!! #Funfact, she promised to stop crying, if I promised not to stay away from #Miami long. Easy, peasy! Lol #NBD // #LizzaOnTheGo


Lol! My #CruiseANality results were pretty spot on. Visit cruiseanality dot com to discover yours. The results also revealed some pretty sweet options on both @HalCruises and @PrincessCruises. Eek! #StayTuned as I narrow down my choices #LovebugNation. In the meantime, YOU can #entertowin 100 days of cruising!! Just head over to Twitter before 2/1, use the hashtag #LoveCruising & your reason & tag @CarnivalPLC. Good luck!! // #LizzaOnTheGo


Eek! It's officially "Miami Cruise Month" and I totally got bit by the bug. PROBLEM: there are sooo many options to choose from, how do I pick the RIGHT one that best fits my interests? SOLUTION: I've just taken the #Cruiseanality Quiz at cruiseanality.com. It reveals YOUR particular #cruise personality & the results help you pick the right ship with the right types of activities. Winning! #LoveBugNation, here's the best part, take the quiz before 2/28 and #entertowin a cruise on one of @carnival's NINE different cruise lines. Yasss! #StayTuned to find out my results and where I'm sailing off to. // #LizzaOnTheGo

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