ON WHOSAY SINCE: Dec 1, 2011

It's a BIG day of announcements. Eek!! Guess who's bringing her signature heart sunnies to @UniversalORL to tape @Telemundo's new show @ElArtistaTV as one of 100 influencers (aka @YoSoElInfluencer)?! (insert dance break here.) The show airs Sept. 14 at 8pm but for #bts of the fun as we start taping NEXT WEEK follow me and the hashtags #YoSoyElInfluencer and #YSEA!! // #LizzaOnTheGo #PowerLatina representing


Eek! I'm soooo excited to finally share the news! I am honored to be one of the 8 #powerlatino influencers in the U.S. selected for the 2014 American Latino Expedition (aka #ALEx14) and I'm bringing YOU with me!! Make sure to follow @xoxolizza on Twitter, IG, FB, Vine, SnapChat and/or YouTube and the hashtag #ALEx14 to follow the wackiness I get into! A big shout out to @American_Latino for selecting me and our sponsors who are making this once-in-a-lifetime experience a reality: @GoParks for our private tours, @AlaskaAir for getting us there, @REI and @Columbia1938 for getting us geared up and ready to go, @GoRVing for providing us with a unique #roadtrip experience along the way, @TravelAramark and @TogwoteeLodge for giving us a cozy place to tuck in (yay for #glamping) and @kindsnacks for spreading some #KindAwesome love and snacks our way! Drumroll please... @dailycurlz @quemeanswhat @ramonbnuezjr @mrbrownthumb @7onashoestring @sweetlifebake @muybuenocooking & I are heading to @GrandTetonNPS!!!! I've never been and begged that we get a stop at #Yellowstone along the way so I can go looking for #YogiBear while I'm there! Yas! Do YOU have any tips of things to do in the area or what to pack? Let a girl know won't you?! Xo // #staytuned #LizzaOnTheGo


#ThoughtOfTheDay -"And finally, in our time a beard is the one thing that a woman cannot do better than a man, or if she can her success is assured only in a circus."~ #JohnSteinbeck // Remember ladies, SMART is SEXY! We can BEE what we want to BEE. Let's remember to #vote in local AND national elections to keep paving the way to new heights for us all! // #QueenBeeSociety #PowerWomen #PowerLatinas


Thank you #WeHoWomen for these yummy #PacMan looking cookies. The message they represent is a startling fact in 2014. Isn't it long overdue for #women to be paid the same as men? #WomensEquality #RockTheVote


#QOTD- What does #WomensEquality mean to YOU? Remember, #girlscan change the world by using their voice to stand up for those who can't! Thank you #WeHoWomen for a great event. Keep shining!! #RockTheVote


#BTS shenanigans with @TheInsider's @KeltieKnight. #HappinessIs proving #girlscan grow up to be #women who lead and support each other! Lovebugs, kick ass daily but also make time to be silly and have fun. It makes life that much sweeter!! // #WomensEqualityDay #RockTheVote #PowerWomen

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