ON WHOSAY SINCE: Dec 1, 2011

#ThoughtOfTheDay - a lesson I've learned from @JLo, is to surround yourself, both in your #personal life and at #work, with ONLY people who are going to lift YOU higher and have your back #rideordie style. From her assistant, to her glam team, to her management and friends, it's clear they are all #TeamJLo and it's a beauty to watch. Each of them is #successful and talented in their own right. So when they all come together, for one purpose, magic happens. It's a win-win all the way around!! #LovebugNation, remember it takes a village to turn a #dream into reality. Be choosy about who's in your village and who's village you spend your time in. // #LizzaOnTheGo #TurnUpForIdol #OfficialFordVIP


#TamaleSunday meets Mr. Rudolph, aka the red @LincolnMotorCo MKZ I'm #testdriving over the holidays. Due to all the space he has, guess who happily played the family's Uber for transporting people and supplies?! Lol. In the end, we had helpers in all shapes and sizes making red, green and sweet #tamales. It's definitely going to be a #FelizNavidad. P.S. #Elfie and I discovered #BlueMoon's Cinnamon Horchata Ale. And yes #LovebugNation, it's good as it sounds! Xo


#ThoughtOfTheDay - 'Nuff Said! Not to mention, it's tamale making Sunday! Yasss!


#LovebugNation, tis the season to be jolly and grateful!! Thank YOU for your support all year round. My #holiday wish is for your #home to be filled with lots of #love, #laughter, yummy food and delightful sounds today and every day!! Muaaahh!!!


Sliding into your feed with some #Holiday cheer. #HappyHanukkah Lovebug Nation! Adam Sandler would be proud. Thank you @lashfary for always getting the best carolers for us!! Xo // #chrismukkah


#LovebugNation, I confess, the holidays really bring out my #cheesy side and I love it!! Soooo, I'll take two of these please.

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