ON WHOSAY SINCE: Dec 1, 2011

#ThoughtOfTheDay - Eek! July is almost over, #MakeItCount!! Here's your #http://www.whosay.com/l/IsN8Uz9 wake up and do it again tomorrow! Werk!!!


This face tho! Jelly bean flavored smooches @TylerOakley for reminding us all to "LOVE YOURSELF, because you're the only one stuck with yourself. Fall in #love with who YOU are and if anybody wants to join in on that, more power to them!" (side note, if "they" don't, keep it moving. Do not let someone's negativity take space in your life! #nobodysgottimeforthat) Mwah!


Where are my #OITNB lovers at? If you're on the West Coast, #tunein right NOW to watch this beauty, @daniebb3, looking fierce on the @YHAwards stage with her fellow #OrangeIsTheNewBlack cast mates! #PowerWomen unite! Werk!


Sooo, since I couldn't pick just ONE among @TheWanted's @SivaTheWanted, funny man @DJQualls, @TheFaultMovie's @AnselElgort & @MTVTeenWolf's @DylanOBrien as my #MCM, I present all four. Let's call it the @YHAwards edition. #TuneIn to the CW tonight at 8pm to see them all in action. Mwah!


#ThoughtOfTheDay "A true #hero isn't measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart!"~Hercules Inspired #lastnight @YHAwards by modern day #Hercules, @KellanLutz. What can YOU do today to give back and make the world a little better? #mondaymotivation #mcm


Congrats to my comadre and fellow @atlanticacting alumni and #powerlatina, @hereisgina, who was named @VarietyLatino's "Rising Star of The Year" at last night's @YHAwards!! Sending a "break legs" smooch your way on your first day shooting #JaneTheVirgin! Kill it, like only you can mama! Mwah!

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