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ON WHOSAY SINCE: Oct 19, 2011


Sponsors: Roxy, DNB NOR

"Kjersti has been a professional snowboarder since 2000 and is one of the most successful competition riders ever. She is one of the few ladies who can compete in both halfpipe and slopestyle at the highest level and is well known as the queen of snowboard style. Her best results include an Olympic Bronze Medal in the halfpipe in 2006 as well as countless TTR, FIS World Cup, Dew Tour, and X Games podium finishes.

As well as competing, Kjersti spends a lot of time photo-shooitng and filming, both with her fellow Roxy team riders and the other members of her One Life Snowboard Crew. She is a very creative person and loves to film, direct and edit films with her team-mates. She takes her creativity into clothing design as well and works closely with the Roxy designers on all her signature pieces.

When she is not riding Kjersti loves to spend time with her friends and family and is always up for fun adventures and projects that keep her life interesting. She is a keen yoga practitioner and is very environmentally aware, often working on and supporting environmental projects. In this role she works with the Quiksilver Foundation as an ambassador."


2nd US Open slopestyle
2nd US X Games slopestyle

3rd TTR Overall
3rd Burton Glabal Open series
1st/ US Open Rail Jam
4th/US X Games slopestyle
3rd/Davos Evolution 6*TTR pipe
4th/ European Open pipe
5th/ European X Games pipe
5th/US Open pipe

Participated in Olympics: 2002, 2006, 2010
3rd/ Torino/ 2006

Rider of the year/ Norwegian Snowboard Awards (08)
Most stylish rider Miss Superpark 2012

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