ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jun 7, 2012
BORN: March 3, 1970
BIRTHPLACE: Baltimore, Maryland
HEIGHT: 5'6"
Significant Other: Scott Phillips
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no lawn H20 for 8 wks but @LADWP bill is DOUBLE this cycle? Yes i can pay it, but not eve…


Very proud of my fake son @Nolan_Gould. I got to give him an award last night. #ACTToday


Modern Family

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My snazzy Captain Underpants Halloween costume makes its debut.


True fact: running replenishes me! I cannot do without it. Today I run to cheer on the #werunsf runners and my @neutrogena team


Wish I could be at the #2014EMAs tonight but trust me, I’ll be with @green4ema in spirit!

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