ON WHOSAY SINCE: Sep 2, 2011
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Check out these photos of kids at the the Community Development Center learning how to play bass and drums as part of the new Music Heals program.


The Tabasamu Tooth Tour did a 3-day visit last week where they visited 12 schools in Delmas 32, trained 1400 students and teachers, and 70 community agents


J/P HRO continues to help those displaced by the 2010 earthquake transition into permanent housing. Early in the morning of October 16th, J/P HRO started operations in two new camps with a census of the residents.


Today, October 15th is the Global Handwashing Day! We, at J/P HRO, celebrated throughout our various programs, spreading awareness about the importance of keeping your hands clean and hygienic.


J/P HRO staff take a quick break from the two day strategy workshop at Kaliko Beach for a team-building exercise. The teams attempted to be the first to race across the beach while keeping a balloon wedged between their backs. The workshop was aimed at guiding managers in better forming the strategies that will take the organization forward.


The Program Strategy Implementation workshop on October 7th and 8th at Kaliko Beach Club.

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