ON WHOSAY SINCE: Sep 2, 2011
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Educational sessions with the parents of the children, who were brought to get vaccinated earlier this week at Delmas 32.


Last week J/P HRO's Community Development Campus launched into a new session, bringing another round of adult education, after-school programs, and community outreach to the Delmas 32 neighborhood.


Take a look at a capacity building training attended over the weekend by members of our Community Development Team. The attendees learned about new theories and lessons learned from other organizations in Haiti working in development. The training was held by AFPEC (Académie de formation et de Perfectionnement des Cadres).


Take a look at the early morning census on September 12th marking the start of J/P HRO's operations in the Camp Cite St Hilaire.


POTW This was the first week back to school for students in Haiti. At the outset of Ecole de l'Espoir's fourth year of operation, the outlook is good. Last year all of the sixth graders passed their national exams, as they have every year so far


Here at J/P HRO we always aim to keep our forward momentum! Take a look behind the scene at the beginning of one of our next projects!

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