ON WHOSAY SINCE: May 10, 2011
BORN: August 31, 1974
BIRTHPLACE: Goshen, New York
HEIGHT: 5'11"
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LET'S GO BLUEEEEEEEEEE @Giants finally on their A game- looking strong- great turnover #26


It's game day and im feeling blue- #BigBlue that is! Our @Giants are off to a slow start but today we change all that!


Hanging out in the Dj booth last night @spaceIbizaNY with old friends from my club days- lots of memories. The @anthemSSL system is SICK!


Uh oh- only 10 days left until Sugar Rush is released- get your order in now to get a jump on the game- pick it up here now Www.johnnyiuzzini.com


Here it is being made by the infamous @sammasonnyc- The @oddfellowsNYC S'mores cotton candy cone.


11 days until my new cookbook Sugar Rush drops! Preorder it now to have it in your kitchen first! Www.johnnyiuzzini.com

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