ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jan 16, 2013
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A bonus gift: #dandymott #twistytheclown #ahsfreakshow THE DANDY MAN (alternative lyrics to "The Candy Man", natch) who can kill his maid off? stab her with a knife? Head on out to Twisty's and make Bonnie fear for Life? the Dandy man can! Oh, the Dandy man can! the Dandy man can cause his mother is indulgent and gives everything to him Who is so impatient that his Halloween is shot! Cuts up all his clothes and makes his jammy's Polka Dot? The Dandy Man! oh, the Dandy Man can! The Dandy Man can cause his mother is indulgent and gives everything to him. The Dandy Man takes everything in sight, then loses it and turn so flighty! Sure he looks great in a tighty whitey but honestly he's not so brighty! Who steals masks from dead clowns? and terrorizes freaks? but wishes he were one of them when he and jimmy speak? The Dandy Man! Oh, the Dandy Man Can! The Dandy man can cause his mother was indulgent and gave everything to him.


I'd like to think everybody for their kind wishes and support through American Horror Story:Freak Show! The dedication to the show by the fans is extraordinary and I can't help but think season five will be a great success is well. I share a silly gift: I write these lyrics at 4 AM onset. Enjoy! TWISTY (alternative lyrics to "Windy") who's in a school bus middle of nowhere makin' up whirlygigs out of trash gets really down and shoots his own jaw off everyone knows its TWISTY!!! who watches Dandy play with his puppets then hits him in the head with a pin gets really mad when freaks mess with children everyone knows its TWISTY!!! And TWISTY has creepy eyes his scalp's from another guy his mask smiles all the time, He'll stab you there! He'll stab you there! who chases Bonnie all over the forest everytime she tries to escape keeps the toy owners head in a knapsack everyone knows its TWISTY!!! And Mordrake likes him the best He's freakier than all the rest, His prize is a knife t'the chest, He stabbed him there! He stabbed him there! (TWISTY SINGS!) LA LA LA LA LALA LA LA, etc.


Me and @melrobb1 at the FOX Golden Globe party! #ahsfreakshow #goldenglobes #twistytheclown


http://www.whosay.com/l/nAQ9ZnY "The Invitation" is among them featuring an amazing cast! And me. YAY KARYN, PHIL, and MATT!




Me, old glory, 7-11 in the background & Starbucks in my gob, Just wanted to remove any doubt of what country I'm in.

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