ON WHOSAY SINCE: May 8, 2013
BORN: January 27, 1984
BIRTHPLACE: London, England
HEIGHT: 5'6"
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No deep, meaningful caption for this one. Just stop moaning & get on with it #ComplainingDoesntPayTheBills #UnlessYouActuallyGetPaidToComplain #GoodMorning


It's not always about what you see, sometimes it's about the way you choose to see it. The world can be a beautiful place it you look at it from the right perspective. While some stress over not having a lot, others will give thanks for having more than they did yesterday. The words "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" isn't just for how a person looks you know! #Perspective #Angles #Beauty


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I wish a nigga would!!! #SomeOfYouWontGetThis #WhoCaresIfYouDont #DBZ #HurryUpShenron #GokusMyCousin #HisMumWasBlack


Sometimes you might find it hard getting out of bed & taking on the day. Just know that inside you there is the strength to do anything you can imagine. If at anytime today you ever doubt yourself, just remember these three words "You Are Awesome!" #GoodMorning #AnythingIsPossible #YouCanDoIt


Everyone has loved somebody who was in love with another. Just because you may not have got to be with that person do not make it a reason to be afraid to love. In fact knowing how happy you feel when you're around that person should make you want to find the person who will love you back more. Love can be complicated but when you and the person you love, love each other & are together, it all makes sense. #LoveIsPowerful #LoveIsMighty #LoveConquersAll

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