ON WHOSAY SINCE: Mar 18, 2014
BORN: December 5, 1988
BIRTHPLACE: Sutton, Surrey
HEIGHT: 5'11"
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Very excited to be heading to Glasgow in July to represent England at my first ever Commo…


One of my favourite photos from the Shrewsbury GP on Sunday, about to sign some autographs! Image by Richard Dawson


Someone didn't want me to go out on my bike today! Pretty sensible really seeing as I got soaked...


Here I am in the new adidas Supernova cycling kit. Check out their great competition here: http://tinyurl.com/mn7cgzx


Getting ready to race Fleche Wallone World Cup with Wiggle Honda tomorrow - 127km with 2 …

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Spotted this on the menu... Broken eggs and poor potatoes! Didn't go for it! I'm assuming it meant scrambled eggs??

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