ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jun 17, 2011
BORN: July 7, 1966
BIRTHPLACE: Chesterton, Indiana
HEIGHT: 6'0"
Significant Other: Jeannie Noth Gaffigan
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Here is a photo of @Mariobatali listing all the food I ate in the last hour. #gaffiganfood


Just a reminder nobody cares how many languages you speak.

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Dad is Fat

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Thanks to everyone who preordered FOOD: A LOVE STORY


Interesting Fact: That song "Dancing on the ceiling" was actually about ceiling dancing.

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If you live in Eastern Tennessee come see me at Freedom Hall. Book signing after. Info http://www.whosay.com/l/Woz9rnM Shows also in Chicago, Dallas, Austin, Atlanta (2nd show added), Boston and Long Island

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