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MEOW...cat got your tongue purrrr rather can you think of songs that roarrr about cats? title/lyrics--doesn't matter! #DailyTuning #CMchat #Caturday


This is prolly one of my fav things I've ever written about. Not sure why....just really enjoyed learning and researching the song "Turn the Page" and Bob Seger​ as well as some artists who've covered it. The Metallica​ info is really interesting, cause while TTP is a benchmark song as many AOR/Classic Rock stations, Seger never charted with it (Metallica did though). Who, in your opinion, beside Bob Seger has done the best cover version "Turn the Page"? take my poll on our website ----> http://www.whosay.com/l/FOjaBbA some of the people I featured who've covered it Jason Aldean​, Waylon Jennings​, Metallica, Luke Bryan​, The Swon Brothers​, Kid Rock​, Jamey Johnson​ and just showed me Frankie Ballard​ version. I'd LOVE to see/hear any versions of the song you've been impressed with, I am kinda obsessed with this song recently.


As Memorial Day Weekend begins, let's not forget what it's about: remembering those we've lost. . What songs do that for you? Someone I know died recently and I keep hearing Bob Seger "Turn the Page" and it's been so haunting...anyone have songs like that?? I don't even know that the song goes with the person or the situation but it's been like this crazy thing in my heart. #CMchat #DailyTuning


there's always some bad in the best and some good in the rest. (original quote from me)


Know what day it is on #DailyTuning? it's HUMPDAY on #CMchat and time to get DIRTY with our music! Can you think of songs that mentions dirt, dirty or mud?


#HeySTAR! Hope your day is filled with lots of "Closed Eye" moments, except when you're driving. That would be bad! #CMchat

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