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As Memorial Day Weekend begins, let's not forget what it's about: remembering those we've lost. . What songs do that for you? Someone I know died recently and I keep hearing Bob Seger "Turn the Page" and it's been so haunting...anyone have songs like that?? I don't even know that the song goes with the person or the situation but it's been like this crazy thing in my heart. #CMchat #DailyTuning


there's always some bad in the best and some good in the rest. (original quote from me)


Know what day it is on #DailyTuning? it's HUMPDAY on #CMchat and time to get DIRTY with our music! Can you think of songs that mentions dirt, dirty or mud?


#HeySTAR! Hope your day is filled with lots of "Closed Eye" moments, except when you're driving. That would be bad! #CMchat


TOMORROW 5/19! you + me = #WeWent to #CMchat Twitterview with @RandyHouser ---> http://www.whosay.com/l/ycMazPi you can get his new single today! #CMchat #CountryMusic #RandyHouser #WeWent


TODAY 5/18! Join @KelseaBallerini for a Country Music ‪#‎CMchat‬ Twitterview 6pPT/9pET & check out ‪#‎TheFirstTime‬ ---> http://www.whosay.com/l/qMUazP0 #CountryMusic #CMchat #Twitterview #KelseaBallerini #TaylorSwift #TheFirstTime

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