ON WHOSAY SINCE: May 7, 2012
BORN: March 3, 1982
BIRTHPLACE: Ely, Minnesota
HEIGHT: 5'8"
Significant Other: Justin Timberlake
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Hi @mandukayoga! To me Yoga means finding a balance between taking yourself seriously and not seriously at all! I pass the tag to these lovely yogis @ninitta @MissLauraMoses @cturlington @esteestanley #thisismyyoga


Season premiere of @NewGirlonFox is tonight at 9/8c! Watch some Jess vs Jess action go down.


Total Recall

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"The Un-BIEL-ieva-BIEL Season Premiere" of @NewGirlonFOX is tonight! I'm so mad I didn't …


Thanks to Stephanie Conrad at Pet Studio Art! Trust me, she loves it. #TuesdayswithTina


I'm equally skilled at shit talking and giving compliments so I'd say my karmic balance i…

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