ON WHOSAY SINCE: Nov 14, 2012
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Goodnight Sedona, Arizona. #notyouraveragesunset


Good food is hard to find, but impeccable food is even harder. The kind of meal that conjures up textures and when you close your eyes images of its entire beautiful origin. Admittedly I'm not a 'foodie' or even close to being a home chef. However, this meal tops my personal list. A tasting menu from Executive Chef Rochelle Daniel that is so delicious and so local that the creek that tables looks over is the source for many of the legumes found in the dishes. This dish is Arizona Pine-Smoked Venison with Beets and Berries, Blistered Peas, Parsnips, Chanterelles, Pine Nuts. Thanks @tylerflorence for the [diverse] chat and @LaubergeSedona for introducing me to a new way to enjoy and for ruining any other meal I ever eat. ps. This one iPhone photo hardly does justice to the breadth of [mostly local infused] flavors we received throughout the night. What a fantastic evening. #latergram #gratitude #foodnetwork


This iPhone photo doesn't quite capture the, dare I say exquisite, beauty of Sedona mid rain, mid rainbow. #iphoneonly #LostInArizona


Quick pause for this shot and attempt at chaos shot. #LostInArizona


That time again. And just in time for all this rain in LA. In case you don't know...one drop of rain and LA drivers think it's bumper car time... #outtahere #missyoulongtime


decisions decisions decisions....decisions. Thanks freestyle for giving me options on which paper to print. I'm thinking of opting for doing digital negative and printing in darkroom. Thoughts??

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