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BORN: September 29, 1974
HEIGHT: 6'4"
Significant Other: Ashley Kilburg
ON WHOSAY SINCE: Dec 2, 2011
HOMETOWN: Park Ridge, Illinois
CURRENT LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois


Jeff Kilburg

Founder & CEO of KKM Financial

Jeff Kilburg started his career at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE). After learning equity options from Mercury Founders Jon & Pete Najarian, Mr. Kilburg was offered an opportunity in the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) Bond option pit. He had the opportunity to learn from a team of veteran traders with one of the premier firms, Ritchie Capital Markets Group at the CBOT. There he was first introduced to volatility. After gaining a footing in the fixed income option market, Mr. Kilburg gravitated towards the Bond Futures pits. Subsequently, he joined a specialist group in the 30 year Bond pit, the JLS Group. The 30 year Bond pit in the 1990s was a riveting opportunity and became his starting point in Futures. Mr. Kilburg is regarded as one of the industry's premier Futures traders and is a member of the Futures Now team on CNBC. In early 1999, he decided to launch a floor operation of his own. He went on to become one of the larger market makers in the 10 year Note pit and assumed a top-step position in the pit. In addition, Mr. Kilburg has traded more than $20B (notional value) worth of US Treasuries. With the ability to trade the entire Treasury Curve, Mr. Kilburg obtained vast experience in understanding risk management. His deep understanding of the Treasury curve has proven applicable for various Futures markets and truly helps separate Mr. Kilburg from his peers. Risk management was imperative as he transitioned his floor operations into a registered investment advisory firm in 2012. KKM Financial is an Alternative Investment firm specializing in liquid alternatives registered with the SEC. Mr. Kilburg gained national recognition in 2012 when he called, on-air on CNBC, for the 10 year Note to fall to historical new lows (under 1.5%).
Since then, Mr. Kilburg has had an exclusive contract as a CNBC Contributor and is on air regularly.
He is also the recipient of a four-year Football scholarship (under Lou Holtz) and a graduate of the Mendoza College of Business at The University of Notre Dame in South Bend, IN.


KKM Financial is an Alternative asset management firm. Specializing in liquid alternative investments, KKM Financial is a SEC registered investment advisory firm. In tumultuous equity markets, active risk management, vision, and flexibility are paramount as well as rare. KKM Financial brings vast experience and expertise in properly navigating turbulence. KKM Financial was founded on the belief that investment success comes from using in-house research and models that hold us accountable for our investment decisions. This method has proven worthy for our Investment committee thus, we decided to open the firm's strategies to the broder investing community. KKM Financial has a rich and deep history in the markets with 75 years of combined experience amongst the Investment committee. Trust is the foundation that formed KKM Financial and is a daily undercurrent in client relationships. Our unbiased, agnostic, and quantitative approach to the markets continue to differentiate KKM Financial. The fiduciary responsibility to our family of clients allows us to conduct our business in a conflict free environment always with our client's goals leading our decisions. Our pragmatic strategies include the KKM ARMOR Fund & the KKM U.S. Equity ARMOR Fund. ( More info at ) KKM Financial is an innovative industry leader that has set a new global standard in the investment world.

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