ON WHOSAY SINCE: May 9, 2011

I LOVE football!!! But the TAX EXEMPT NFL sucks! Only started 2do right thing AFTER sponsors threaten 2 pull out


VIOLENCE toward WOMEN has roots in the BIBLE. Dont believe me? Read it. Understand y MAN made religion is so dangerous


DOMESTIC VIOLENCE-RAY RICE: y is discussion more about NFL & not about the police not pre…

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Award winning photo taken by Lauren Mann of Elisabeth Larena


TOO MUCH hate due to religion. & done in a town filled w/ Jews! "Imagine"as John Lennon w…

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FERGUSON MISSOURI 2014 looks like 1960s. Where is far fuckin right fighting 4 rights of Americans 2 have free speech & right to protest?! Oh wait these free speechers r black. Far right has double standard (Imagine if people in crowd were LAWFULLY caring guns what would happen. & how far right would forget their bullshit, horrible and wrongly placed advocacy of the 2nd amendment and scream "They got guns, shoot em!" while they carry guns at their teaparty events). It appears a young man was killed for no reason other than being black & yet they wont release officers name & they point guns & tear gas protestors who have a right to be angry yet protest peacefully. UFB!

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