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ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jan 17, 2013


Jay Harrington was born on November 15, 1971 in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Before acting professionally, Harrington studied theater at Syracuse University. Making the move out West, Harrington now resides in Los Angeles and has been featured in on various television shows, as well as the big screen.

He has taken to playing title roles in sitcoms and films as a handsome ladies man, a role that he plays well. Harrington’s title role has been his 2010 ABC sitcom, Better Off Ted, where he starred as Ted Crisp. Recently, Harrington has taken the part of Alec, in Hot in Cleveland, as the love interest of Valarie Bertinelli, and ex-husband of Heather Locklear’s character. Another trait that comes naturally for Harrington is to play a handsome, successful doctor on screen, having done so in shows such as Summerland, Desperate Housewives and Private Practice. Harrington has also been seen on The Inside, The Division, Burn Notice, Time of Your Life, Las Vegas and The Shield, among the list of his stints in television.

On the big screen, Harrington was seen on American Reunion (2012), alongside Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Chris Klein and the rest of the original American Pie team. He has also graced the screen in TV movies such as Sex, Power, Love & Politics (2006) with James Van Der Beek and Jane Krakowski, The News (2007), Straight White Male (2011) and Guilty (2013) costarring alongside academy award winner Cuba Gooding Jr..

In his free time, Harrington is an avid sports fan, rooting for the Boston Celtics and the Boston Bruins. He spends his time playing for the Entertainment League, a private celebrity basketball league and also skates for a local amateur ice hockey team.

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