ON WHOSAY SINCE: Mar 20, 2011
BORN: December 7, 1993
BIRTHPLACE: San Jose, California
HEIGHT: 5'5"
More About Me

A little preview of my songbook "I Love Your Crazy" out now on Amazon! I was able to tell a little bit of my story, who has it? And what do you think of it? Don't forget to leave a review for a chance to win a VIP package :) http://www.whosay.com/l/GvjaAZ5


Jasminators RT! Never be afraid to laugh at yourself. Post a pic with your #rednose from @walgreens by 5/21 & show your support to help lift children out of poverty. Tweet me pic once you've posted :)


hey Jasminators! Please watch!


hey jasminators, I have a special message for you, please watch.


sometimes u don't have to understand, u just have to trust that God will get you through …


feliz año nuevo a todos mis latinos :) ily!

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