ON WHOSAY SINCE: Feb 4, 2014
BORN: March 12, 1948
Significant Other: Caroline "Kim" Taylor
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James and his All-Star Band are hitting the road in the US again this fall! On November 19, the band will take the stage in Jacksonville, FL, and the presale will begin on Tuesday, August 19 at 10 am EDT. Want to get these announcements before anyone else? Join our mailing list and you'll never be the last to know! http://www.whosay.com/l/kxI92hz


"I felt two things immediately when I got the news last night: first that the light had dimmed and, on its heels, a sense that this was inevitable; that Robin had lived for a long time with a darkness at the periphery of his vision. What must it have been like to be present when he improvised the genie in "Aladdin" or Lovelace in "Happy Feet?" His Texan, his gay stylist, his Soviet comedian, Mrs. Doubtfire…He was a one-man menagerie. Perhaps, just as we were swept away, so was he. I remember the small, uncontrollable chuckle that often accompanied his flights of fancy; as if he were as amazed as we were by what was happening to him. Who can pretend to understand a gift like Robin Williams's? Meteoric, volcanic, fast and furious…Perhaps there is a price for such brilliance. I'm so sad he's gone and so grateful he left us so much." ~ James Taylor


"It wouldn't have been the same without you!" ~ James Taylor 52 concerts/43 cities. Thx 4 a fantastic 2014 summer tour!


James Taylor and his All-Star Crew! We hope you've enjoyed reading the ‪#‎MeetTheCrew‬ profiles of some of our crew members. They truly are the glue that holds a tour together and James is very grateful for all their amazing work. (Photo: Daniel Stephens)

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