ON WHOSAY SINCE: Mar 6, 2012
BORN: July 16, 1990
BIRTHPLACE: New York City, New York
HEIGHT: 6'1"
More About Me

I #X @brycehirschberg to pause convo b4 I drive. No text is worth our lives. Who do you #X? #ItCanWait #ICWEndorsed


Big Time Rush

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Psyched for lunch with @jaimecamil I’m getting in the car now #X (AKA can't respond to me…


Tune in to Fox tomorrow at 9 to see the premiere of @redbandsociety starring my girl @ciarabravo. Congrats lil sis! #redbandsociety


Hi #X to my friends so you know I’m about to drive to the gym & won’t be responding to texts #ItCanWait #ICWendorsed

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