ON WHOSAY SINCE: Mar 6, 2012
BORN: July 16, 1990
BIRTHPLACE: New York City, New York
HEIGHT: 6'1"
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On set. Feeling artsy. #Bart #SeedsOfYesterday.


Old school selfie in my trailer at the end of a long day. Today was heavy, but great. #SeedsOfYesterday #Bart


Big Time Rush

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Looks like the secret is out! So excited to be a part of this film. #SeedsOfYesterday


And of course, happy bday to my little dude, Fox. Many a belly scratch and beach run when I get home. Take it easy on the cupcakes today...


Happy bday to my bro Philip! Congrats on the new job dude and welcome to LA! See you when I get back to Cali.

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