ON WHOSAY SINCE: Nov 26, 2013
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"Question: What is Beautiful?...... Answer: An Opinion."- Jahméne


RIP John Holt. Aged 67 ... 1947-2014 Reggae Legend!! Much love and many prayers to the family and friends. #ReggaeFoundations #RIPJohnHolt #TideIsHigh


People/Leaders only gain power when those around them allow them to have it. Be careful who you give power to in your life because many take advantage or lead you into something dark. Not all .. But many. - Jahméne


Camera Booth Madness! Kayne-Me-David (Manager) #PhotoMemories


Just came from this beauty's private album press launch! And this woman can shaSING!! This next single "Run" has stunning vocals. Tone for days. So very excited for this album! #BigFatLie #PreOrder #20thOctober


"There are those who help to shape you and those who try to break you. Don't take away and damage those who make you to satisfy those who hate you." - Jahméne D

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