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HEIGHT: 6'2"
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Who has more fans on Twitter? @HoustonTexans or @dallascowboys? This breaks it down by co…


Klein ISD says it took everything of value before tearing down Klein H.S., but one mom questions what she sees left here. What do you think? Are chairs and what is on the walls worth saving when you factor in costs of packing up & moving to new school? #SeeYouAt10 tonight.


My @Fitbit replacement arrived. Now I am back in business. I like the "challenge my friends" feature on the mobile app. I get competitive.


What's the oddest school supply you ever had to buy for yourself or your kids? I think mine were those Vis-a-vis pens.


This sums up #Houston, #Texas. Cars, Traffic, flyovers and sun. #AmIRight?


On my agenda today: find out what, if anything, the city will do after a neighborhood cat attacks a man. http://www.whosay.com/l/FqI96i4

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