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BORN: December 3, 1979
BIRTHPLACE: Sydney, Australia
HEIGHT: 5'5"
Significant Other: Daniel Bernasochi
ON WHOSAY SINCE: Aug 30, 2012
HOMETOWN: Sydney, Australia
CURRENT LOCATION: Bowral, Australia


Jac Bowie has turned building an empire into an art form.

Formerly as CEO and founder of one of the fastest growing women’s networking events in the world, Business in Heels, she proudly stood as head of an empire of heel-clad business women wielding an appetite for success and a glass full of bubbles.

Following some well-timed career advice from Sir Richard Branson, Jac changed direction and dove head first into her passion for Burlesque. She went on to produce high profile events around the world including Miss Burlesque International, The Burlesque Ball, The Ruby Revue and also bespoke events and entertainment for high-end clients.

This was Jac’s first empire; it was here that she began to amass her now huge social media following of more than 30,000 Facebook fans and 20,000 Twitter followers. She began to write a book (as one does when one is at the pinnacle of success).

And then it all fell apart. She found herself alone, couch-surfing with two kids, out of work and with a broken ankle to boot. It was during this time that the idea for a fresh alternative to networking came to her. When she most needed it.

The concept was simple: Attract the RIGHT women, put them in the RIGHT space, and allow them to connect socially FIRST. If they hit it off, they will FIND a way to WORK TOGETHER. She called it Business In Heels, the name of her still unwritten book.

After three events, Jac was approached to license the event to another producer in Melbourne. By the time the contract was ?nished, there were 15 branches. As we write this there are almost 50 across Australia, New Zealand, Spain, United States, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Canada and Thailand.

Jac's week was filled with training new Branch Directors, creating new programs, brainstorming new promotion ideas, keynote and public speaking until December 2014 where she sold the business to new owners Lisa Sweeney and Jo Plummer.

So now it's onto chasing her dream career in radio and of course, re-writing that elusive ending to her book.

Jac is a free-spirited and engaging personality with insight into the creation of a successful franchise, the world of women in business, and juggling the dual roles of “mum” and “head of empire”.

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