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BORN: December 3, 1979
BIRTHPLACE: Sydney, Australia
HEIGHT: 5'5"
ON WHOSAY SINCE: Aug 29, 2012
HOMETOWN: Sydney, Australia
CURRENT LOCATION: Sydney, Australia


Jac Bowie is a former Australian burlesque agent, promoter and producer, who created the infamous Burlesque Ball, a contemporary burlesque event following the worldwide burlesque revival.

Seeing a gap in the market and establishing a brand through social media Jac has now retired from burlesque and fully invests her time into Business in Heels, which she founded in 2013.

Spotting an emerging trend before most people and finding a way to turn it into a dollar is a key feature of many successful entrepreneurs across the creative and non-creative industries.

It’s a quality that belies the struggle both in terms of labour, drive and the struggle with one’s inner demons. Jac Bowie's story is not just about theatre and business; it’s also about character, drama and most of all, just a good Aussie yarn full of twists and turns and able to inspire people to actualise their own ambitions and dreams.

Her story too, embraces the phenomenon of social media movement, a movement made possible by the convergence of technology and an explosion of abundance in emerging nations; and where opportunity to be entertained, to learn is made possible.

Burlesque has been around for years yet its revival and the phenomenal success of MySpace, which stimulated social media and became a leading edge tool for Jac Bowie to ‘spread the word’ and connect well beyond her immediate networks. Self-taught Jac Bowie mastered social media and has built a following across MySpace, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube that would impress even the large brands.

This has now extended to Business in Heels a women’s only LinkedIn. Of which women are encouraged to attend events on a “Social” basis and then lead into a business networking ideal. With branches in Australia, New Zealand, New York, Singapore and Boston to name a few, Jac Bowie is the entrepreneur that should be on your watch list.

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