ON WHOSAY SINCE: Mar 12, 2013

Here at #summit2014 with @varsityallstars. Some exciting projects on the horizon with these really talented athletes.


@hsfilmfest at @crackle #newfronts checking out @bryancranston. Hope to see some of our young filmmakers here in the future.


The first annual All American High School Film Festival was an enormous success! Throughout the weekend 1500 attendees experienced the future of filmmaking and enjoyed a comprehensive college fair, intellectually stimulating panel discussions, hands-on, interactive technology showcases, live musical performances, movie premieres, and an opening night party and Saturday night awards show that blew the audience away!!! A huge thanks to everyone who attended! See you next year!


The All American High School Film Festival is proud to present the category winners for the 2013 festival. These talented young filmmakers represent the future of film and are now recognized on a national level for their achievements. The bar has been set high! Will you rise to the challenge next year? Submission begins November 2013. All winning films, nominated films and official selections will be posted to our you tube page in the coming days.


In just a few hours @KaitWeston will be performing and the new Romeo and Juliet film will…

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Hollywood Studio Films Directed by Females: around 5% All-American High School Film Festival Films Directed by Females: around 50%. #1day Tickets at www.hsfilmfest.com

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