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ON WHOSAY SINCE: May 6, 2013
HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, CA


#HashtagLunchbag was born on Christmas Day 2012 in a Los Angeles apartment with just a small group of friends. The intent was simple: to deliver a hearty & balanced meal prepared with our own hands to our local homeless community. We all chipped in a few bucks, took a trip to the grocery store, purchased a few goodies, invited some friends over to put everything together, put on some tunes, and then hit the streets, all while having the time of our lives doing it!

In typical fashion of this day & age, everyone shared our adventure via social media, tagging #HashtagLunchbag on each status update and photo upload. All of sudden, people started hitting us up asking what #HashtagLunchbag was and how they could be included "the next time" we did it. Though we didn't originally think anything of it, we knew we were on to something big.

Living in an age where digital media reigns & word-of-mouth chatter has taken on a much larger audience, we realize that our grassroots efforts have the potential to go viral and that each & every individual has the power to influence their friends/followers to pay it forward.

Our goal is to inspire others to come together and join us in our efforts. We truly do believe that small actions mixed with lots of people can empower a BIG


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