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BORN: June 30, 1988
BIRTHPLACE: London, England
ON WHOSAY SINCE: Nov 13, 2013


Talented rapper and lyricist Gunna Dee, real name Daniel Thompson is one of the UK’s most ambitious and leading underground acts. Hailing from South London, Gunna Dee has a mainstream appeal that sets him apart from other rappers. Being a part of the cream of the crop, Gunna Dee has worked hard for years and his determination has spoken effortlessly.

His current single ‘BAD Girl’ taken from his poignant Mixtape ‘Happy Hustlers Day’ which is a follow up from his first Mixtape ‘Hustler by Nature’ features Angel who is set to breakthrough with his rich tones and soulful R’n’B vibes. The titled Mixtape is self-explanatory, as Gunna Dee has evolved into a versatile artist.

He first featured on the Rasclart Riddim accompanied by his brother and accomplished punch line king Giggs.

Following that was Mattic, which also had Giggs as a feature. With the release of ‘Hustler By Nature’ in May 2010 ‘Cash blocker’, ‘Black Gang’ and ‘Exclusive Girl’ were the most talked about tracks on the Mix tape. This increasingly led to his audience growing in numbers and being recognized as a strong artist and further moving to the forefront.

“I want to be an example to young people who have no ambition and vision to succeed. I want to be proud of my works and sometimes the only motivation that can give you that vision is from music” Gunna Dee’s inspiration for rap music came as a way of reflecting on life and how he grew up from a teenager to a young adult.

In an attempt to find out more Gunna Dee spent 2 years researching and analyzing the music industry before releasing his current mixtape ‘Happy Hustlers Day’.With features from vocalists such as Kurt Collins, Angel, Noeva, Gunna Dee portrays a work of art lyrically and creatively handling the majority of his Mixtape by himself.

Currently working on his EP with production from Bayoz Music, Pablo, Paws, TRC, and Wizzy Wow, Gunna Dee has proven that with perseverance and hard work his voice will be heard. “I live to inspire the youth who come after me. I want to have a voice”

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