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ON WHOSAY SINCE: Aug 22, 2012
HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, CA


Hi, Josh here from GOOD ART. We are a design and manufacturing studio in Los Angeles, Calif. We specialize in precious metal jewelery and hand-sewn leather goods.

We work earnestly, making things the old way; One at a time & by hand. We mix our own alloys and cast jewelery in our foundry. We do everything from design to packaged product under one roof. Our raw materials, such as the hides we use, are sourced from the finest American tanneries. A great idea is only the start, what gets us to a finished piece is great pride in every step of the process. No detail is overlooked. It's this, along with our clever aesthetics that will have you continually in awe of your GOOD ART piece.

Proud to be producing genuine American luxury goods. And very happy to be of service to you. Next time you want a treat or need a gift, give us a look. You'll be very surprised to find that we're the greatest thing you've never heard of.

And then there's this;

I believe the degree to which an object can communicate or evoke an emotion is a mark of its magnitude. I believe art is communication and art has the ability to effect how you feel. As a work of art can uplift the spirit, so too can an everyday object bring joy well beyond its function. And if it does, it may well be art.

Only the true pirate possesses the insouciance and moxie to trade a fortune for a trinket. But those who dare already command the stars and squeeze pleasure from the finest details of things wrought for beauty, pleasure and the purpose of uplifting the spirit. Creating aesthetics and communication in that realm are the purpose of GOOD ART HLYWD.


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