ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jun 24, 2014

Who's trained today? This morning I did another Thai Boxing session with my Instructor Daz Morris. I try to do this twice a week to coincide with my weight training. Not only is it great cardio, for me its mentally pleasing. There's nothing better then punching & kicking the pads, grunting, getting angry and getting a good sweat on! Its empowering and I'm learning so much. Its a great sport and if you haven't already tried it, I suggest you do!


Recently had a fabulous night at the National Lottery Awards. These awards are to be screened this fri I think. It was great to see where our lottery money goes and the causes / charities it helps. Thank you to @cintalondon who kindly did my hair and makeup :)


Stop thinking about your training considering only calorie counting and weight loss! That's when it becomes boring. Instead, think about all of the amazing things you will gain..... A healthier heart, a sharper mind, a new found confidence, loads more energy, and a strong body that can power the actions you want it to. Be consistent not for the sake of a number on a scale, but for the sake of your ultimate goal... A healthier, happier you.


Here's another behind the scenes shot from my up coming Men's Fitness shoot. This position was extremely hard to hold for the shot. My shoulders were killing me the day after! New found respect for gymnasts that's for sure!


Supplements : Since I started training I often get asks what supplements I take. To be honest there's quite a lot but they each have specific benefits to assist my training and nourish my body. Here's a list of what I take and below is an explanation of why. L-GLUTAMINE VITAMIN D3 OMEGA 3 GREEN TEA ZINC MULTIVITAMIN CALCIUM D GLUCARATE DIM 2.0 WHEY PROTEIN I begin each day with 10g (two 5ml measured scoops) of L-GLUTAMINE and I also take the same amount just before bed. I take the other sups (except my zinc) first thing in the morning and mid afternoon I take the GREEN TEA, OMEGA 3,DIM 2.0 & CALCIUM GLUACARATE again. My zinc I have before bed with my 2nd dose of L-GLUTAMINE. Fish oils are one the most important supplements we require. They are hugely responsible to how your body functions and feels overall. They improve insulin sensitivity & support your skin, nails, hair, eyes, and heart to name a few. Studies also show that supplementing with omega-3s significantly increases lean mass, while decreasing body fat at the same time. Vitamin D. Living in the UK with our not so great climate, the majority of us are deficient in Vitamin D. Supplementing vitamin D in the body can increase fat burning directly and also suppresses the production of enzymes that cause the body to store fat. With our lack of sun and lack of vitamin D rich foods, most of us need to supplement to maintain a healthy level in our blood. A multivitamin is the most essential product! Vitamins and minerals are absolutely essential to each metabolic process in our body and if our body is lacking, it can lead to nutrient deficiencies that can cause metabolic down regulation. Vitamins and minerals are most readily found in our food so people with a diet rich in fruit & veg (like myself) may argue the toss, but with today's chemicals in almost every food our bodies are unfortunately not getting the full benifits from just food alone. L-Glutamine has been shown to be an amazing aid in healing, sealing and repairing a “leaky gut" by playing a role in the health of the pancreas, liver, mouth and esophagus. The function of all of these parts impact digestion and thus the health of your gut. By taking Glutamine it will ensure the entire digestive process runs much more smoothly, preventing future damage but more importantly healing any damage already done and allowing for better absorption from the nutrients of your food. The mineral zinc is involved in virtually all phases of growth. Studies have shown that high intensity exercise stimulates excessive zinc loss. Low zinc means you’ll have low testosterone and in return decreased lean body mass. You’ll miss out on training gains from low zinc, and it also affects brain function and your ability to concentrate. Our bodies have no way of storing zinc so a daily intake is required to maintain a steady and optimal balance. The Dim 2.0 and CALCIUM D GLUCARATE i take for detoxification and to control my oestrogen levels. Here's a write up on them.... http://www.whosay.com/l/Sbw97lR Green tea contains 2% to 4% caffeine, which affects thinking and alertness and may improve the function of brain messengers important in Parkinson’s disease. Antioxidants and other substances in green tea might help protect the heart and blood vessels. Whey protein of which I have 3 a day (morning, post training & before bed) is a way of getting a quick fix of protein to my muscles. I don't eat red meat, only chicken & fish so it's essential I maintain my protein levels with whey. All of my supplements are from REFLEX NUTRITION & POLOQUIN. I hope this helps those of you that have asked me. Again, we are all different & so are our opinions. The above is what I take for me and what works for me. Also, do your research before taking any supplements. My trainer Olly Foster has told me & sent me countless emails explaining why he's recommended I take the sups I do and that the choice to take them is mine. Don't just take them for the sake of it. It's important you know what your putting in your body.


My recent shoot was for Men's Fitness magazine. I was really flattered to be asked to do this as on a personal level it shows how far I have come with my fitness journey. Back when I was glamour modelling I was never allowed to train like I wanted to as those types of magazines didn't want the strong, athletic female look. They wanted the curvy, soft glamour look (rightly so too!) I had a blast with those magazines but when I put that part of my career behind me 5 years ago I was free to change my body as I pleased and feeling strong & healthy has ALWAYS been something I've wanted to achieve. Now I do, and its the best feeling ever! As well as being the face of USA PRO, Having my photos and interviews coming out in one of the leading fitness magazines makes me so happy & so proud! My will power, determination & dedication combined with regular ass kicking from my trainer Olly Foster & supplements from Reflex Nutrition have all played a part in my fitness journey, and you know what the most exciting thing for me is? This is merely the beginning.... ;)

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