ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jun 24, 2014

Feel like Max & Paddy today with @ollyfosterfitness transit hired, all his stuff in the back and home to Manchester. #movingDay thanks to karlkommitted for helping us this morning, great removal skills, despite nearly breaking the door 😉


Packing the essentials to go visit @ollyfosterfitness 😂 #tooearly #sorrynotsorry


The "tongue out" game with Norman... I go, you go, I go, you go 😂 🐶


Consistency is key!


Stress relief... Something I've struggled with quite a bit is managing stress and switching off. I know everyone has there own issues & problems with work / home / relationships so we are not alone. I LOVE my job! It's a dream but I drive an 82 mile round trip daily, have to remember my lines all day, go through various makeup & costume changes, go from scene to scene which can be emotionally draining and then when home I have to learn my lines for the following day. Those are the "stress factors" in my job. My mums stress factors in her job are phones constantly ringing & having to work with numbers. My partners is having to be available on line 24/7 managing his business. Everyone has there own "stress factors" so please don't think I'm wanting sympathy! Lol! The point Im getting at is with training I've always been into the hardcore weights & Muay Thai. I've never been into yoga (tried but hated it) recently in work I've started stretching and breathing just for 10 mins in my dressing room in the morning to clear my head and prepare me for my day and the difference it's made to my mood & how I deal with things is crazy! So much so ive decided to try again with yoga and give it another chance to change my life. A girl on the show called Roxy is a Yogi and she seems to be so together and has such a good energy that it's made me want to try it too. I've realised that taking care of my body has been priority but I now need to add in taking take of my mind & soul. I'll let you know how I get on & if anyone has any yoga tips or recommendations Id be grateful!! 🙏


😤 😊 😩 😊 😔 all over the place today!

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