ON WHOSAY SINCE: Apr 8, 2014
BORN: March 17, 1955
BIRTHPLACE: Blue Island, Illinois
Significant Other: Moira Sinise
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Auschwitz, 70 years ago. Renee Salt, 85, visited the camp for the first time 10 years ago…

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Hiding out on much needed vacation after lots of traveling for @GarySiniseFound in 2014. Looking forward to Criminal Minds in Feb


As we wrapped shooting for CSI NY two years ago and I've been blessed to be able to take …

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At Armed Forces Bowl today. Unfortunately weather did not cooperate. Sorry we had to cancel LTDB concert folks.


Merry Christmas to all the brave men and women serving our country at home and around the world. And to the families who stand by them. Thank you and God bless.

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