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Wild Card has teamed with @americangiant to create an exclusive video and hoodie. Thanks to @michaelrapaport for directing this: http://www.whosay.com/l/eLAaz6W #KeepPunching #WildCardBoxing #FreddieRoach


In Dallas, Texas, there is a little Filipino American boy by the name of Jude Cobler, who is dying of leukemia. He is ten years old. We only have a few weeks to save his life. I am therefore calling upon my fellow Filipinos, all across America, who are of both "Filipino & Caucasian ancestry," to register to be a possible bone marrow donor to Jude. There are thousands of Filipinos in America, with "mixed" bloodlines, who are both Filipino and Caucasian. We are hoping that one or more of you, will be able to help save Jude's life. All you have to do, to determine if you are a match for Jude, is do get a Home Swab Test mailed to you, or go to one of Jude's bone marrow drives being held in cities across America. "Swab for Jude." Its that simple. To have a Home Swab Kit mailed to you, go to Jude's Facebook page at http://www.whosay.com/l/HzDaxwz Or, go to the Asian American Donor Program's website and request a Home Swab Kit. http://www.whosay.com/l/wzhaxwA Or call the Asian American Donor Program at 800-593-6667. I thank you my friends, my fellow Filipinos, for all you will do for our little Jude.


Finishing up a full day of media interviews with the fighter meeting...


Doing radio row interviews with @stephenasmith #maypac


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Thanks for the great shot @Chrisfarinaphoto

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