ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jul 5, 2011
BIRTHPLACE: Brooklyn, New York
HEIGHT: 5'4"
Significant Other: Stephen Davies, my main squeeze
More About Me

Found an old, chunky, tuba brass bed for the baby's room/guest roomin the #newoldhouse. A craigslist find. The Loo approves :)


Thanks to a challenge by @RichRosendale ! I completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. How about you @chefvikkik? A challenge for @yamimufdi @Franco_Lacosta & @MARYKATEMAKEUP


I just had my chatty (but lovely) neighbor on my plane tell me that I was the love child of these three ladies...weird. What do you think?


Ok, I am not a smoker, nor do I condone smoking (except the occasional fish fillet :) but hot damn! The best idea ever! Smokers don't have to be relegated to a nasty smoke filled fish bowl! #dignity


That's my boy! A book lover already. Back home from San Antonio tonight and can't wait to see him! #homesoonbaby


Done with our presentation at the Hispanic Retail 360 #HR360 with @GoodwillIntl ! Thanks for the cold one @budlight :)

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