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BORN: December 23, 1978
BIRTHPLACE: Peterborough, Ontario. CANADA
HEIGHT: 5'8"
ON WHOSAY SINCE: Feb 2, 2013

5 Things You Didn't Know About Me

  • I love words, the written, the spoken, the unspoken.
  • I’m a chef. (Cordon Bleu and St. Josephs CPT) 100% on my serve safe for those of you that are in the culinary world;)
  • I sang the AMERICAN National Anthem in front of 92000 people at Fed Ex Stadium ....Accapella with a six second delay..Thanks Danny Snyder.
  • I ride my bike everywhere.
  • Smasher Nagansksy Warren is my Dog. Hes 15. or 94 in people years......


Canadian national synchronized swimming champion. Second in the world. International supermodel with numerous covers Vogue, Glamour, GQ, Sports Illustrated, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, Victoria's Secret, longest running Chanel #5 ad campaign ever, shot by Luc Besson and Jean Paul Goulde. Face of Perry Ellis by Bruce Webber, Samsung, Cacharel, Worlds Most Beautiful magazine shot in 3D to be released soon. Music videos with INXS, Eminem and Dr.Dre. Major motion picture actress with movies and tv shows including: Planet of the Apes directed by Tim Burton, Kangaroo Jack produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, Driven, the Cooler, Law and Order, See You in September, the upcoming film The Stranger Inside. Recently completed the lead role in Joan Jett and Kenny Laguna of Blackheart Productions film......Undateable John. Directed by Damien Liechtenstein.

Estella is trained in the culinary arts with education at the Cordon Bleu in Europe, St.Josephs Culinary Training Program in Los Angeles garnering the highest grade ever in the school. She has worked under Chefs Derek Walker and Brenden Collins of Waterloo and City in Los Angeles.

Heavily involved in charity work for Bread and Roses, a volunteer self help program for the
homeless. Where at times she will use her skills as a chef to cook for those in need.

Working with Temple St Productions/CAA in development, production and fruition of travel, food and adventure based television programming.

A spokesperson for breast cancer, The RED campaign, amongst others.
Fight for the cure...Photographed By Nick Saglimbeni
Fight for the cure...Photographed By Nick Saglimbeni

Celebrity Chef, Private Chef, Catering and Event Planning
January 2012 – Present (2 years 11 months)
Simply seek to satisfy. Serve smiles.
AuPoint means Medium Rare..or perfect temperature.
Producer, Creator, Artist.
Temple St Productions
2012 – Present (2 years)International, National , Regional.
Producer. Creator. Artist. (On select few).
Chef (pour une stage)
Waterloo and City
2011 – Present (3 years)
Hardest/Best job out there.
EDW Entertainment
December 1999 – Present (15 years)Los Angeles, California
Focused on Feature Film with strong, complex female characters. Romantic Comedy, Drama, Action.
(Open)1 project
(Open)1 honor or award
Film and Television Industry
1998 – Present (16 years)
Be on time.
Be prepared.
Know my place.
Be brave.
SMASHPix(formerly known as “The View"
September 1997 – Present (17 years 3 months)L.A. based
Had first exhibit @KMGallery in Los Angeles. "Tête-à-Tête". So Grateful for its strong reception.
(Open)1 project
(Open)1 honor or award
Photos - 04765
Photos - 04765

little big.
little big.

bad night in Paris.
bad night in Paris.

to the sea
to the sea


Fashion / Beauty / Lifestyle
October 1995 – Present (19 years 2 months)
Volunteer Experience & Causes
Bread and Roses Too
2002Economic Empowerment
Anything I'm asked to do by Chef Derek Walker.
Be kind.
Be a listener.
Causes you care about:
Human Rights
Poverty Alleviation
Organizations you support:
Bread and Roses, St. Josephs, Breast Cancer Spokesperson.
Serve safe
St. Josephs CPT program. LA, CA.
June 2012 – Present
April 2009 – Present
I need a doctor video with Dr. Dre and Eminem(Link)
Chanel#5 commercial by Luc Besson(Link)
► 2:16► 2:16 Jul 2, 2013 - Uploaded by Nick Saglimbeni A backstage look at supermodel Estella Warren's 3D cover shoot with photographer and WMB ...
The Stranger Inside(Link)
Sundance Competition entry 2015 - Documentary
Master Ceramicists of Korea
Now a competition Sundance Documentary 2015! - A look into the ancient art of the dicipline and impecible craftsmanship of the sole five Master
Korean Ceramicists that practice. Also the history of the artform and its most prevelant city Icheon; our next Winter Olympic Games Host.
4 authors
Estella Warren
Estella Warren
Producer, CEO at EDWEntertainment
No photo
Edward Ahn
Sean Deitrick
Sean Deitrick
Member Board of Directors at Cultural Foundation of America
Michael Oblowitz
Michael Oblowitz
director at alpha 60/minuszerofilms/metafilms
One of the first Food / Travel concepts I've developed with Temple street productions. Mixing Decadence, Danger and Dry humour.
Most recent cuts to be ready for viewing soon.!!
2 team members
Estella Warren
Estella Warren
Producer, CEO at EDWEntertainment
No photo
Temple Street Productions
Photography Exibit at KM Gallry in Los Angeles
March 2014
My first exhibit....!!!! Coming in a couple of months......
24hr studies.
July 2014 – Present
Honors & Awards
Top grade in class. 100% in Serve Safe Managerial.
Le Cordon Bleu Europe / CPT Chef Derek Walker
World Bronze Medalist in Synchronized Swimming Solo event
National swimmer from the age of 7 to 17
Left home and family at twelve to train at the Etobicoke Olympium and Silverthorne Collegiate sport school. Training hours were 6-8hrs per day 6 days per week. Outside of school time. Canadian national Champion four years in a row.
Malibu Triathlon Winner
Sang American National Anthem at Fed Ex Stadium Accupella.
Considering I'm Canadian, and there were 92000 people with a six second reverb... I'm pretty happy about it. Thanks mom for the musical influence.
Longest Running Chanel #5 girl ever
World Champion Poker Tournament winner.
Bodog ESPN. Hawaii salute the troops.
Fluke....but it sure was fun!
Native or bilingual proficiency
Professional working proficiency

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