ON WHOSAY SINCE: May 27, 2014
BORN: January 19
BIRTHPLACE: Santa Monica, CA
HEIGHT: 5'2"

Post-yoga brunch with @kathyleigh26.


You guys... THIS is how the chia seeds just poured out. I couldn't have done this nearly as perfectly if I'd tried. ❤️


Had so much fun at my mom's show at @55degreewine! Find her on Instagram and YouTube @kathysandersmusic. We're sporting green for St. Patrick's Day. #55degreewine


A ladybug landed on my lower back! That's supposed to be good luck, right?


Going out and I'm literally wearing sweatpants. Do I win?


This little thing tucks under my arm, fits in any bag, could balance on my head, and always elicits the reaction "That's so cool!" (Seriously — that's what my yoga teacher said today when I unfolded it in class) - (It unfolds to become a full-size, super-grippy yoga mat.) - Psst...code "erinsanders" scores you 15% off your own at checkout! @YOGOanywhere #yogoanywhere

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