ON WHOSAY SINCE: May 27, 2014
BORN: January 19
BIRTHPLACE: Santa Monica, CA
HEIGHT: 5'2"

Shoe game on point. Props if you can guess which belong to me and which belong to my mom (@kathyleigh26).


Arm balance of the day with my kombucha soulmate. (Seriously. These guys are amazing: @BetterBooch)


Tittibasana at Dogpatch Cafe & Gallery in San Francisco. Cool art like this just makes me want to do cool stuff in front of it. I can't seem to stop balancing on my hands.


Had such a lovely time with @MaryCarolineJewelry! It's so sweet to discover the beautiful person behind the beautiful jewelry. I'm wearing her #OpenHeartWarrior bracelet.


Holiday-themed Partner Yoga Playtime with @djadamjohan.


I'm overwhelmed by the honesty, sincerity, and love you all put into our #MyOpenHeart challenge. Thank you all for giving of yourselves, and for sharing it here, so we all can learn and grow together. Even beginning to pick a few of you to give prizes to seemed impossible, and was insanely difficult. Every one of you is a "winner" in our eyes, but alas, we had to choose 3 "prize" winners for this challenge... So, without further hesitation, here they are: ✨ @candice202 - top by @onzie ✨ @mer_chel - leggings by @nina_b_roze ✨ @_miss_surf_girl - open heart warrior bracelet by @marycarolinejewelry Congratulations to all of the winners!!! You will be contacted through Direct Message for your info. And many thanks to our generous sponsors for the lovely prizes!

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