ON WHOSAY SINCE: May 27, 2014
BORN: January 19
BIRTHPLACE: Santa Monica, CA
HEIGHT: 5'2"

Day 6 of #MyOpenHeart challenge is Dhanurasana, or Bow Pose! I decided to do a fun acro-version of Bow Pose with @djadamjohan. Check out @riva_g_ to see the traditional version of this pose, along with great tips for trying it out! - I really value my skills as a communicator. Communication is the basis of any good relationship, whether it's a business relationship, a romantic relationship, a friend, or loved one. Communication allows you to express love to someone. It allows you to convert an idea to someone, even a conflict. Being a good communicator starts with behind a good listener. You need to really hear the person you're speaking to, so you can respond in a way that makes sense to them. Everyone has their own "language." It's a pleasant surprise to meet someone who speaks your "language," but we often have to communicate with people who don't. It's still important to listen and respond with care. - Acro yoga involves a language all its own! Learning about acro yoga and practicing it with a consistent partner helps teach a lot about being a good listener and communicator. Wouldn't you agree, @djadamjohan? - Tag and follow Riva, our wonderful sponsors, and me. Be sure to use the #MyOpenHeart hashtag. Remember to include something you love about yourself! - HOSTS: @erinzariah @riva_g_ SPONSORS: @marycarolinejewelry - Open Heart Warrior Bracelet (I'm wearing it in this photo!) @nina_b_roze - "Heart-Butt" Leggings @onzie - Bra Top


Day 5 of #MyOpenHeart challenge is Eka Pada Rajakapotasana with Mermaid leg variation, or simply Mermaid pose! - More snowga today! I put on the most fun 80s snowsuit for this snowy adventure. I took some very silly yoga photos in it, and then shed it for this pose. - I love that I get along with people of all ages. I've never discriminated — never been one of those kids (or teens, or 20-somethings) who only wants to hang out with people their own age. Some of my closest friends are several years younger than I am, and some are decades older than I am. Everyone passes through the same ages, so to think that an age discrepancy makes people vastly different doesn't make sense to me. - The foundation for this pose is Pigeon Pose. ~ Begin in Pigeon Pose on the right side (right leg folded in, left leg extended back behind you). If you have sensitive knees, you might want to prepare by placing a neatly folded blanket underneath the knee of the leg that's extended behind you. The snow worked as a cushion for me! ~ Bring your fingertips to the ground in front of you and press to bring your torso upright. Engage your belly to stabilize your body. Hug your inner thighs in toward one another. You should be able to lift your hands off of the ground! ~ Bend your left knee, and find your left foot or ankle with your left hand. Keep hugging your thighs in toward one another to find stability. ~ See if you can slide your left foot or ankle into the crook of your left elbow. If you cannot, no worries! Stick with keeping your foot in your hand, and breath! ~ If your foot made it into the crook of your elbow, yay! Reach your right arm above your head, bend your right elbow, and drop your right hand behind your head. See if you can find your left fingertips with your right fingertips. (If the distance is too far, practice with a strap between your hands!) ~ Square your hips in front of you, and keep your belly engaged to protect your lower back. ~ Breathe! ~ Take care when coming out of this pose. Move slowly, so as not to shock your joints. Release the clasp of your hands, release your left foot from the crook of your left elbow, and allow your left leg to rest on the ground. Be sure to do the left side! - Tag and follow Riva, our awesome sponsors, and me. Be sure to use the #MyOpenHeart hashtag. Remember to include something you love about yourself! - HOSTS: @erinzariah @riva_g_ SPONSORS: @marycarolinejewelry - Open Heart Warrior Bracelet (I'm wearing it in this photo!) @nina_b_roze - "Heart-Butt" Leggings @onzie - Bra Top


Day 4 of #MyOpenHearts challenge is Urdhva Dhanurasana, or Wheel Pose! - My adventures have taken me to Edmonton, Canada, where I was able to sneak in a little snowga! I think I'm very adventurous. I'm game. I've learned to roll with the punches. So much of life is outside our control. What we can control is how we react. It's certainly not always easy, and my emotions do come into play, as I'm human. But I have learned to be able to be okay when plans change, when life doesn't go how I expected it to, when things happens outside my control. Though it may take time, and it does take strong effort, I can choose my response. - The foundation for Wheel Pose is Bridge Pose. ~ Begin in Bridge Pose. Make sure your feet are parallel to one another. Hug your knees in toward one another, like you're hugging a block between them. ~ Engage your belly, to protect your lower back. Lengthen your tailbone toward your heels. ~ Bring your hands to the ground on either side of your head. Huge your elbows in close to the sides of your head. Think Chaturanga arms. ~ Press into your hands to lift yourself up. Do not come to rest on the top of your head on the way. This is a lot of pressure for your neck to take. If you cannot lift yourself up, that's okay! Come back to Bridge Pose and enjoy. ~ If you made it to Wheel Pose, yay! Expand through your chest. Imagine that there's a string tied to your heart and someone is pulling it across the room from you. ~ Keep your lower belly engaged, and keep lengthening your tailbone toward your heels. This will help take compression out of your lower back. ~ Find long, slow breaths, and enjoy! ~ Take great care coming out of this pose. Tuck your chin in toward your chest. Bend your elbows and slowly lower yourself back down to the ground, starting with your shoulders, moving one vertebrae at a time. ~ Rest for a few breaths, allowing your lower back to soften into the ground. Hug your knees into your chest and make small circles on the ground, gently massaging your lower back. - Tag and follow Riva, our awesome sponsors, and me. Be sure to use the #MyOpenHeart hashtag. Remember to include something you love about yourself! - HOSTS: @erinzariah @riva_g_ SPONSORS: @marycarolinejewelry - Open Heart Warrior Bracelet @nina_b_roze - "Heart-Butt" Leggings @onzie - Bra Top


Day 3 of #MyOpenHeart challenge is Ustrasana, or Camel Pose! - I think I'm a very empathetic person. When I'm privileged enough to learnwhat's going on inside another person, to share in their thoughts and feelings, I really try to place myself in their shoes. I try to step back and evaluate their circumstances, but also to step forward into it to understand what they're feeling. Sometimes, all a friend needs is a really good listener. Sometimes, all a loved one needs is a reminder that they're safe being vulnerable with you. - One cool way find the alignment of Camel Pose is to practice against a wall. Try it out! ~ Kneel on the ground right up against a wall, facing the wall (not to be confused with how I'm kneeling NEAR the wall in this photo ). Make sure your hips and thighs are making contact with the wall. ~ Engage your lower belly (to protect your lower back). Bring both of your hands to your lower back, fingers facing down. Bend your elbows and draw your shoulder blades toward one another on your back. ~ Begin to bend backward, as you expand your chest forward. Keep bending as far as feels comfortable. Keep pressing your hips and thighs into the wall! If you feel any tenderness, back away. If your hips or thighs begin to come away from the wall, come back to a place where they make contact. ~ If you'd like more, release your hands to your heels, as I have here! ~ Breathe, and enjoy! ~ Make sure your belly stays super-engaged the whole time — especially when coming out of this pose. Try to control your entry and exit so they can be slow and soft. - Tag and follow Riva, our awesome sponsors, and me. Be sure to use the #MyOpenHeart hashtag. Remember to include something you love about yourself! - HOSTS: @erinzariah @riva_g_ SPONSORS: @marycarolinejewelry - Open Heart Warrior Bracelet @nina_b_roze - "Heart-Butt" Leggings @onzie - Bra Top


Day 2 of #MyOpenHeart challenge is Camatkarasana, or Wild Thing Pose! It only seemed fitting to do Wild Thing in the middle of the street. - One thing I've always loved about myself is my playfulness. Life is serious enough as it is. We have to be able to step back and laugh at ourselves. I'm great at making fun of myself. Sometimes I use humor as a defense-mechanism (I'm sure many of you can relate), and that can be a double-edged sword. We must find a balance in this, as in all things. That being said, I think it's always nice to find a little more playfulness in our lives. - There are many ways to enter Wild Thing, but my favorite entry is from Downdog! ~ Begin in Downward Facing Dog. Lift your right leg up. ~ Stack your right hip on top of your left hip, externally rotating your right hip, and bend your right knee. ~ Double-check to make sure your shoulders are super engaged! Slide your shoulder-blades down your back, away from your ears. ~ Begin to drop your right foot to the ground behind you, as you lift your right hand off the ground. Keep your belly super-engaged, so your "landing" is slow and soft. Flip yourself over, and reach for the back of the room with your right hand. ~ Expand through your chest. Imagine there's a string attached to your heart, and someone is pulling to the wall behind you. I love to imagine that I'm reaching for something very dear to me — reaching for my desires, my dreams. ~ Breathe! ~ Make sure your bellow and shoulder are still super-engaged as you come back to your Downward Facing Dog. Be sure to repeat on the left side! - Don't forget to tag and follow Riva, our fabulous sponsors, and me. Be sure to use the #MyOpenHeart hashtag. Remember to include something you love about yourself, too! ❤️ - HOSTS: @erinzariah @riva_g_ SPONSORS: @marycarolinejewelry - Open Heart Warrior Bracelet (Like the one I'm wearing!) @nina_b_roze - "Heart-Butt" Leggings @onzie - Bra Top (I'm wearing the exact one in this photo! Well... not the exaaaaact one — you'll get a brand new one — but you get the idea. )

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