ON WHOSAY SINCE: May 27, 2014
BORN: January 19
BIRTHPLACE: Santa Monica, CA
HEIGHT: 5'2"

Feeling broke, leaving @Brokechella with a $9 jar of Bourbon Blood Orange Marmalade. Allow me to say publicly that I love @UmDotDot, and they give great hugs, and you should check out their weird, weird music. #brokechella


Broke vibez @Brokechella dancing to @UmDotDot with @jillianclare. Here's to showing up alone, seeing who you find, and dancing harder than everyone. 👯 #brokechella


Quietly obsessing over my #werkshopDARKSUGAR leggings by @werkshop. 💪🏻💁🏻


Have YOU entered my #Wanderlust108 #LosAngeles contest?! Wanna hang out with me in Santa Monica? HERE'S HOW TO ENTER: 1. Post YOUR own photo with the hashtag #FindYourTrueNorth. Tell me what makes you feel like yourself! 2. Tag @WanderlustFest and me! THAT'S IT! 🏃🙏😁 This is my best friend, @ItsAmyCastle. We've known each other for over 13 years. Even when we get busy and spend time apart, spending time with her feels like spending time with a part of myself. We're going to #Wanderlust108 #LosAngeles! Enter my contest, grab a bud, and come hang!


Knowing my True North allows me to have the strength and courage to be vulnerable. Opening my heart involves practice, willingness, trust, and a leap of faith. Sometimes, a heart-opener (both in the physical and emotional sense) feels like a gentle warmth wrapping me up. And sometimes it feels like an excitement that might burst through my chest, sprinkling confetti in front of my face. - What makes your heart feel full, and light, and open? Post your own photo with the hashtag #FindYourTrueNorth for a chance to win TWO tickets to #Wanderlust108 #LosAngeles! #RunYogaMeditate - Bra and leggings by @PublicMyth


Traveling the world is one of the things that makes me feel the most alive. I love exploring new cultures, trying new things, and learning about different people and places. The joy I experience traveling is only heightened when I get to do it with someone I love. Sharing experiences with a loved one offers me the chance to look in their eyes and see the joy reflected back at me, like a mirror. It also offers me the chance to hear their take on things, how it differs from mine, and how it can open my eyes wider to the newness around me. This photo was taken in Germany earlier this year, where I was lucky enough to go exploring with @djadamjohan. - What makes you feel joyful and alive? Post your own photo with the hashtag #FindYourTrueNorth for a chance to win TWO tickets to #Wanderlust108 #LosAngeles! Grab a loved one and go explore. #RunYogaMeditate

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