ON WHOSAY SINCE: May 27, 2014
BORN: January 19
BIRTHPLACE: Santa Monica, CA
HEIGHT: 5'2"

Locked in the basement of a homicidal cannibal. Favorite escape game in LA. @djadamjohan and I went just the 2 of us. Advantage? Disadvantage? All I know is, while we didn't make it out, we got 98% of the materials needed to make our escape (says the creator). I call that exceptional teamwork. Can you escape @basementLA? #CapturedCagedConsumed


Throwing it back to hang time with @nigel_tanabe in my favorite neon @RobertRileyLA denim. #ThrowbackThursday #tbt


I'm Gone, Girl. Happy Halloween (because it's never too late). Yes, that's me. If found or seen, please call. #TheAmazingAmy #GoneGirl


Garlic fries @ 11PM. Thank goodness for Cardio Barre in the morn. Fries will be long forgotten...though I have a feeling my garlic breath will not.


Just bein' American.

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