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BORN: September 2
ON WHOSAY SINCE: Sep 26, 2011


How did I get into snowboarding? I started snowboarding when I was six years old. My older brothers Jeb and Kyle were always leading the way for me and that's what they were into, so I took it up also. I played hockey every year until I got a bad concussion when I was eleven. The Dr.'s told me I had to stop playing hockey, so I switched over and focused on snowboarding.

What motivates me: New things inspire and motivate me every day. I would say my biggest motivations come from me wanting to accomplish my goals. In life, I look up to my family and what they represent.
My goals and aspirations: I hope that I can inspire girls to become more active and get into sports, snowboarding preferably :) In snowboarding I hope to progress Women's snowboarding to new levels each season.

People who support me:
Mother-Linherr Hollingsworth; Father-Dana Hollingsworth; Brother-Jeb H; Brother-Kyle H; First and foremost I would have to say my whole family. My parents are very supportive and I wouldn't be where I am now without my mom. She would drive me to Vermont every single weekend. I would do my homework in the car and we would listen to Bob Marley the whole way up. My dad was supportive when he realized how passionate I was about snowboarding and he agreed to send me to Stratton Mountain School. Jeb and Kyle have always pushed me to be a competitor. Susan Izzo, has guided me through the snowboard world from the begining. Brian Spear was my first coach, and taught me that I needed to work hard if I wanted to achieve my goals. All of my friends influence me everyday as well.

Things I love
What Ellery loves outside of her sport: I love traveling. I love bonfires during Thanksgiving with my cousins. I love surfing and getting to spend time in Southern California. I love cooking soup with my Momma in Vermont. I love skydiving and reading... Not at the same time. And I really really love newfoundland dogs.

Women's Sports Foundation
The Women’s Sports Foundation—the leading authority on the participation of women and girls in sports—advocates for equality, educates the public, conducts research and offers grants to promote sports and physical activity for girls and women.

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