ON WHOSAY SINCE: Nov 21, 2011
BORN: September 12, 1978
BIRTHPLACE: Sassari, Italy
HEIGHT: 5'7"
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I wanna say thanks to the town of Alghero, Sardegna, because without the love, patience and the important help of the major and of the Police, my wedding day wouldn't have been so unforgettable and marvellous. Because of all this I decided to sell my bridal dress in an auction and the money will go to Criaturas - an institute that helps the poorest families in that town. The auction will start by Monday 22nd of September till the till October 6th on http://www.whosay.com/l/pNd9gMF in collaboration with @CharityGiftRoom e @CharityStars . Thanks


" Faradda di li candareri " ripresi da mia mamma. Patrimonio dell'Unesco #Sassari #Sardegna ❤️


Dancing with the Stars

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Can't forget about them whenever I go . #childrenofSyria in my ❤️


Goodbye Lebanon and lebanees friends who make the life of these refugees still possible. Thank you @UNICEF @UNICEF_Italia @UNICEF_Lebanon for giving me this great opportunity that I will NEVER forget. These refugees are a testament that #LOVE can still penetrate through despite the atrocities of war." Ciao Libano ed amici Libanesi che rendono ancora possibile la vita di questi rifugiati. Il vostro aiuto e quello di @UNICEF e' la testimonianza di come l'amore arriva dove nessuna guerra mai potrà .


Yesterday I had such a great experience. Infact, I went to meet families that just arrived from Syria to Lebanon crossing the southern border of the country. @unicef brought me meet them and gave me the opportunity to talk about their experience as refugees. It was hard at the beginning because they are still sensitive and relating to them is not easy since we come from a world in which war is only on TV. I also know that after this incredibly eye opening experience, those of us visiting will go home to our lives where we have everything we need. They don't necessarily have a safe home, comfortable bed, enough food or family alive to love them. One mother opened up to share her experience with me. She and her family had to leave their house in Syria or they would be killed. They still hope to return home after the hostilities but no one can see an end at the moment. They have been registred by @unicef upon arrived to Lebanon so one day they can reconnect to other members of their family who have escaped to other countries. The first problem they face is finding clean fresh water. Without it life doesn't exist and diseases would fast become epidemics. The refugees share their stories of their incredible journeys for such simple but vital errands that we take for granted. They struggle to find a way to survive. @unicef and Wash project collected donations to built bathrooms and water tanks to provide clean water for drinking, cooking and washing. That's an incredible task but today @Unicef is able to provide this water for these services to ALL refugees in the south of Lebanon. Thanks to all of you for making this possible with your donations! Yet, there is still a lot work to do; these refugees need our help.

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