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BORN: January 6
HEIGHT: 5'9"
ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jul 4, 2013
HOMETOWN: Port Washington, New York

5 Things You Didn't Know About Me

  • Didn't get my ears pierced until I was 36 years old
  • Interpreting people's dreams is a skill of mine
  • Was a certified candidate for ordained ministry but changed my beliefs while studying for my Master's Degree in Theology at Emory University
  • Brought my friend's dog back to life with mouth-to-nose resuscitation after the dog was hit by a car...but he died later that night.
  • Was cast in TV Land's reality show "She's Got the Look"


Eaddy Mays is an actress and producer born and raised by her mother in New York. Mays is best known for her role as Elaine in the 2009 Academy Award winning film “The Blind Side” in which she appeared opposite Sandra Bullock in the infamous ‘ladies who lunch’ scenes. Mays is also known for her portrayal of as Victoria Argent in the MTV supernatural drama series, “Teen Wolf”, a role that led to her being dubbed “The Scariest Mom on TV” and even “The Scariest Person on TV.”

Mays began acting as a child at the age of ten when she was cast as Gerda in a community theatre production based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy-tale The Snow Queen. As a teenager, Mays hosted video presentations for the production company owned by her step-father, singer/songwriter/actor, Bob Haymes, writer of the song "That's All" which is part of the Great American Songbook. This work brought the teenage Mays to China in 1984 and later to Hong Kong and Japan.

When she was cast as a cancer patient for a medical center commercial, Mays shaved her own head completely bald, capturing the event on video later posted on YouTube. This radical change in appearance prompted a shift in Mays’s career and shortly thereafter she was cast in Teen Wolf, in which she appeared occasionally in season one; throughout season two she was featured as a chilling, memorable villain

In 2010, Mays expanded her career experience to include film and television producer when she co-wrote, produced and starred in the independent feature film, romantic comedy Highland Fling, about a fun-loving Scotsman and a straight-laced southern belle shooting a reality TV show at a Scottish Highland Festival in small town America.

In college, Mays began a long history of work with kids, becoming first a “big sister” in Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Later, she served as the Custodian and Legal Guardian for displaced young girls in the custody of the State’s Foster Care program. These experiences led Mays to help create and manage The Highland House, a homeless shelter for at-risk youth displaced from their home.

Mays works in Los Angeles and has three children, a parrot and a Siberian Husky….and almost enough hours in the day.

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