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ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jan 25, 2012


Birthday: May 6, 1989
Current Residence: Bratislava
Height: 161 cm
Weight: 58kg
Hair colour: Dark blond
Eye colour: Green -blue
Special sign: Lot of energy
Tennis coach – Zeljko Krajan
Conditional Tennis Coach – Dejan Vojnovic
Tennis Racket – Dunlop Aerogel 4D Super-Lite
Club: Slovan Slovenská Sporiteľňa
Favourite tournament: US Open
Favourite court surface: clay court, hard court
Weakness: I am working on smoothing it away
Strong Point: Combativeness, Tenacity
Greatest Success: Win of the Ritro Slovak Open 2006
Sport (tenis) idol: Kim Clijsters


color: gold
meal: everything but specially the Slovak national food „small dumplings with Cheese“
drink: Kofola
film: Forest Gump
book: Harry Potter
music: Rytmus
actor: Jessica Alba
personage: My conditional coach called by nickname „Grco“
pet: my Yorkshire Terrier Pupi
place/City in the world: Paris
sport (but the tennis) : Skiing
………..– I liiiiike lounging :-)
Weakness for: bags
I collect: nothing
Hobbies: shopping
Personal Character I like on myslef: well–being
I like on others: I like people who don´t fidget
I hate on myself: impetuosity
on others: negative energy
Fullfiled Dream: One of my dreams I reached was that I showed I can achieve something in tennis....
Unfulfilled dream: all I want to achieve in tennis in the future
Motto: Never do to others what you don t want them to do to yourself...

If I couldn t play tennis I would like to be an actress!

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