ON WHOSAY SINCE: Mar 3, 2011
BORN: November 20, 1975
BIRTHPLACE: Phoenix, Arizona
Significant Other: Cassidy Black
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me and band sittin here talking about how awesome our fans are. cool to look on …

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and today... i got this from @wadebowen for my son knox! so cool. thanks bro!! @MartinGuitar baby martin...


Locked and Re-Loaded Tour

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so we got a ride to the bus yard and i gave him my other @MartinGuitar. a D-18. it's on t…

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happy to announce we discovered the future of country tonight at the #sarodeo #sanantoniorodeo. dude killed it.


lookin forward to hanging out with @mrbobbybones @radioamy @radiolunchbox and talking abo…

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