ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jul 8, 2013
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Awesome time attending the #CurlsForGirls charity event yesterday. Founder @stylesbypat keep up the great work. S/O @coreywoods_ for gifting me his dope designer frames. The Team @moremediahits @athletesforvets @otsportsllc @thefinestclo #2015Focus #IamAV #OvertimeSportsllc


Before my senior football season at Hampton. I met big bro on the sideline of eagles camp. Still the same genuine dude. S/O @terrellowens @moremediahits supporting @athletesforvets @otsportsllc @affluent_1 All Star Gifting Event. @hmakoujy @schuyler4_showroom big thanks gifting Terrell with #albertoPants #haupt @hmakoujy #codice #haupt #CarlGross great brands and great partners. #IamAV #OvertimeSportsllc


Trap Bunkin


#TBT Mi Amor @ny_bred_kg came out to support me and @athletesforvets at our black and white fundraising event a few years ago. My voice of reason and one of the few I actually will listen too... #KeepYourCircleTight


I done seen it all, Good men fall from where they at, Women try to run and crawl back. Ball once before, Then lost it all. Heart turned cold. Ego grew small But all these things I saw, Helped me become Everything I are. I've been through it all I done seen it all @Stalley #SeenItAll


Extraordinary Gentleman

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