ON WHOSAY SINCE: Feb 20, 2014
BORN: May 2
BIRTHPLACE: Seoul, South Korea
HEIGHT: 5'5"
More About Me

Who says you have to show skin to show your curves? 😜.. Living my turtleneck maxi dress 😍 warm, comfy & sleek 😁..


Woop woop! Shout out to @NoLabelWatches & @VonSmith1. Love love love all of these, got a different color 4 every outfit 😜😁😘 #NoLabelWatches


This One Time I Did A Shoot With My Twin Sisters 😜 (Jokes)... #ThreeTimesALady #iHad10JobsIn2006 LoL... Photography #ArnoldTurner


This One Time When I Had To Cut My Hair Short Because The Salon Put A Perm In My Head Without My Permission & Dyed It The Same Day 😩😏 #TBT


This Holland Tunnel Shenanigans Will Not Break My Spirit LoL... #MyFoodBabyIsSeriousRightNow #MyTummyIsFull #iMissNYC #NotThisWeatherTho #IOnlyMissItInTheSummerSpringAndFall #IMissMyGyrls


I May Not Be Everyones Cup Of Tea & That's Ok By Me! I'd Rather Be A Shot Of Tequila Or Even A Shot Of Honey Jack Anyhow :-) #HappyFriday #ImAJackDanielsGirl #BeKindToYourselfAndOthers xoxo

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