ON WHOSAY SINCE: Feb 20, 2014
BORN: May 2
BIRTHPLACE: Seoul, South Korea
HEIGHT: 5'5"
More About Me

I might not look it but I'm #FURIOUS headed to #bestcuts barbershop on GA.Ave for #FURIOUS7DC #FastFamily fun! can't wait to see @FlyCandyMedia & all of you and sip some #LiquidHydro shooters courtesy of @drinkerotique and #FURIOUSSKEWERS from our Cuisine Partner @kitchencray with @kitchencrayempire plus @939WKYS and @kingflexxa will be doing what they do best! Giving free haircuts and much more at Best Cuts Barbershop (via @FlyCandyMedia)


#LightsCameraAction 💡🎥 🎬 #SetsTrailersAndScriptLife 💛 #HappyThursday #BeGoodToYourselfAndOthers 😘😁


Oldie but goodie, my Ming.... @jdinero_ ... The epitome of what a REAL & TRUE friend is.... A-1 From Day 1.... Love Ya!!! 😘 #Sisterhood #Bestie #RealFriendshipsAreHardToFind #ButATrueFriendshipIsNeverHardToMaintain


Not one day passes that you're not missed terribly or loved... But a few times throughout the year, certain days hurt more than others... Your birthday, holidays, your kids birthdays, but most of all... THIS DAY! March 24... You didn't leave us sick from illness, in an unfortunate accident or by choice... Someone took you from us for absolutely no other reason than hatred and justice was never served. My little brother, you're missed and loved so much by so many and you left a mark in this world that will never be forgotten. 4 years, 4 months or 4 days gone, still feels like day one and eternity will never be the same. Thank you for being such an amazing brother to me and Jen & Sukjoo, father to your babies, son to your parents, cousin, uncle, nephew and friend. You weren't perfect, none of us are or ever will be, but you were an amazing being and person and many have hurt since your death. I love you my brother Noompsie #NeverForgotten #RIPGregLawtonJr 💔😢🙏👼


#RIPLeonardNimoy #RIPDrSpock #Treky #FBF This one year I was Dr. Spock For both Halloween and For #ComicCon “I believe in goodness, mercy and charity. I believe in casting bread upon the waters.” ― Leonard Nimoy My dad is a huge #SciFi Fan and growing up I was a #daddysGirl So I watched everything he watched. I became a Treky through and because of him.... #LiveLongAndProsper


Who says you have to show skin to show your curves? 😜.. Living my turtleneck maxi dress 😍 warm, comfy & sleek 😁..

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