ON WHOSAY SINCE: Nov 8, 2012
BORN: August 15, 1968
BIRTHPLACE: Brooklyn, New York
HEIGHT: 5'8"
More About Me

THE TAROT CARD I PULLED #toogoodtobetrue


OH DAVE....NO ONE has ever made me more giddy than you. Thank you for your kindness, your playfulness, your singular wit. There has never been and will never be, anyone like you.


IT'S RED NOSE DAY!!!!!! #rednose #gates25 👏🏻RT!👏🏻


WHAT A THRILL HONOR to sit on this panel at 92stY. Inspiring conversation. Made we want to go to law school! Immediately !


Off to speak on a panel at the 92nd street Y about the same sex marriage case being decided by the Supreme Court.


THE DIVINE DAVID ALLEN GRIER at the Upfronts. We did "McHales Navy" together in Mexico when I was a pup. He was the best part of the movie. #joyincarnate

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