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BORN: August 23, 1993
BIRTHPLACE: Bridgeport
HEIGHT: 5'11"
ON WHOSAY SINCE: Oct 26, 2012
HOMETOWN: Bridgeport


Recording artist that started his career at an early age studying his craft before perfecting it and becoming the person you see today. he learned how to write bars down around 11 years old. coming from a family that were in the industry as well helped shape and mold his craft. his father "Tato" performed and played live instruments on stage for the people in his neighborhood in the bronx. while his uncle "tommy Olivencia" toured around the world with a hit record that was number 1 on the billboard charts for latin music. After years of working hard towards his goals and establishing his name in the streets, he decided to take it to another level. He wanted to sign a deal with a label to prove to his friends that he had the talent that can take him to the next level. By the age of 25 he finally got a chance when an independent label reached out to him on myspace and wanted to sign him to a 3 album deal (5 year term). under EMI. He took the deal and lasted only like 30 days there due to the lifestyle he was living they decided to tear the contract and separate ways. Moments later he negotiated a Deal with "Fat joe's Team. Pistol Pete under the terror squad umbrella but that did'nt work out as well. So he decided to build his own empire from that day on, and start his own label. 2008 was the year that started everything. the "StreetSmartz album was released on iTunes and sold over 90,000 copies online. Over 10 mixtapes were released online, and numerous singles were dropped in stores as well. Music video were released on youtube, and over 500 songs were recorded in the studio. Fans worldwide reached out and contributed to his career even his pages online recieved over 1 million views but he only has a distribution deal with interscope records. the game is shady and its the reason why we're still at the table staring at the blueprints trying to make a household name.

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