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ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jul 17, 2013


The Hungry Fan is the place where passionate sports fans and enthusiastic food lovers collide. Founded by Daina Falk, The Hungry Fan™ is a multi-faceted lifestyle brand that celebrates fan culture—the food, the drink, the traditions, and everything else that comes along with gearing up for gameday.

Daina, The Hungry Fan™, is a lover of both sports and food and will captivate you with her magnetic personality, keeping you coming back for her creative and delicious recipes. Get to know her and you will quickly agree that she is one of the today’s fastest rising culinary stars. She is not only a skilled cook and nutrition maven, but also a lover of all sports. She has travelled the globe in search of unique flavors and rare epicurean experiences, all while taking in some of the world’s best sporting events and interviewing international sports stars. After years of “research”, she has amassed a vast knowledge of healthy eating, what athletes eat, tailgating, and what fans do, eat, and drink for the ultimate gameday experiences.

Daughter of legendary sports agent, David Falk, Daina recognized her love for food and sports at an early age. From her earliest years, she has been surrounded by an elite class of athletes and has attended some of the world’s most memorable sporting events. Experiencing a myriad of international cuisines, she further matured her distinctive palate, discovering her fascination with the food and drink-rich traditions surrounding sports culture.

While attending Duke University, Daina spent a year studying in Italy and France, where she gained priceless experience cooking with trained chefs and food enthusiasts alike. Fully immersed in the local culture, she learned the value of selecting the freshest ingredients and recreated centuries-old classics. She also seasoned her palate with the gourmet stylings of Europe’s finest restaurants.

Daina returned to Duke with honed culinary skills and a worldly appreciation for food, but intended to pursue a career in sports. She secured a coveted position with a prominent Beverly Hills talent agency, where she had entrepreneurial ambitions to one day create her own athletics division. Shortly after graduation, however, Daina was involved in a life-altering car accident. She nonetheless relocated to Los Angeles, striving to maintain normalcy while healing from her injuries from the collision.

Unable to maintain her professional role while undertaking a demanding physical therapy regimen, Daina resigned from her position, but never lost her love and desire to be involved with sport. Building on her academic knowledge of nutrition, practical experience living and traveling abroad, and the health-focused local food culture of Los Angeles, she embraced an organic and predominantly gluten-free lifestyle, which resulted in a gradual but dramatic sixty-pound weight loss. Friends and family began to seek her advice for adopting their own healthy lifestyles and achieving weight loss goals.

It was with her combined love of food and sport, in addition to this recent weight-loss achievement and desire to help others, that Daina felt inspired to launch The Hungry Fan™. The Hungry Fan™ eliminates the intimidation of adapting “clean eating” and provides healthy alternatives to both traditional American recipes as well as international dishes. (But she’ll also show you how to make the not-so-good-for-you stuff too! Life’s about balance, right?)

With sports fans and their culture at the center of it all, Daina educates viewers about the history and recipes behind local traditions. Whether it’s delving into the significance of Mexican culture at a San Diego tailgate or recreating the time-old tradition of strawberries and cream at Wimbledon, Daina effortlessly combines her wit, experience, and panache in the kitchen to transform the world’s cuisine into accessible creations for the home cook, the tailgate master, or the armchair quarterback.

Daina’s website, www.TheHungryFan.com, showcases delicious original recipes, such as the fan favorite, the “Good Fat Philly Cheesesteak,” a delectable and nutritious take on the classic sandwich, made better with homemade garlic aioli and grass-fed rib eye. The site’s unique features include Culinary Roulette, Daina’s review of restaurants, bars and other eateries in fan cities and The Conscious Fan, where users can find tips and nutritional facts for leading a wholesome and organic lifestyle.

Daina is also busy developing several television shows and web series and is currently working on her first cookbook, which will combine a multitude of her favorite original homegating recipes. Her first publication, Photos from Around the World, is a coffee table book of her original photography and was featured in the 2009 New York Review of Books and in numerous international book fairs. The multi-talented artist has also had several of her original paintings and photographic works showcased in prominent galleries and art festivals throughout the United States.

Splitting her time between New York and Los Angeles, Daina frequently volunteers for The Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition, an organization that provides daily meals to the local homeless population. She also fundraises for the Newmark School, a school for children with special needs, and is currently developing her own philanthropic campaign entitled Giving is Sexy. Through partnership with celebrities and athletes, the program encourages everyday Americans to become more engaged in global affairs—to know, to care, and to act.

Whether providing nutrition advice or giving back to those in need, Daina believes that by promoting awareness we can all make an impact. Driven by her passion and inquisitive mind, she is committed to making a healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone. Through her successes and determination to expand her reach, Daina has established herself not only as a culinary talent, but also as someone committed to making people better—both in who they are and how they live.

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