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BORN: April 15, 2009
ON WHOSAY SINCE: Dec 10, 2013
HOMETOWN: Los Angeles
CURRENT LOCATION: Los Angeles, New York, Austin and Dallas

5 Things You Didn't Know About Me

  • Natasha Case, co-founder, used to be an architect at Walt Disney Imagineering
  • Both founders are LA natives.
  • Natasha Case's grandparents both sold ice cream sandwiches for a living (in LA and NY respectively)
  • Freya, co-founder, can play the accordian and free style rap (not at once)
  • Coolhaus is available in Guam at grocery stores!


Coolhaus was founded by Natasha Case and Freya Estreller, two young entrepreneurs, who started baking cookies and making ice cream in Freya’s mom’s kitchen in the Fall of 2008. They named the flavor combinations of the ice cream sandwiches after architects and architectural movements they were inspired by and bought an ice cream truck with what little savings they had from their other jobs. Coolhaus quickly became known for pushing the envelope with flavors like Brown Butter Candied Bacon, Fried Chicken & Waffles and Pistachio Black Truffle ice creams sandwiched in a slew of gourmet cookies, and served in customizable edible wrappers.

Today, Coolhaus has grown from one truck in Los Angeles to 10 trucks nationally in Los Angeles, New York City, Austin, and Dallas. In addition, Coolhaus has a customized cart outside of the Natural History Museum in New York City, and two storefronts in Los Angeles (Culver City & Old Town Pasadena) and distribution to 1200 gourmet grocery stores nationally and growing. For more information, please visit or follow @Coolhaus on Twitter, Coolhaus on Instagram or

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